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GitHub - alxhub/io17
Progressive Web App Example, IO 2017

This is the Hero Store, an example application for Google IO. It's a simple app, with no actual functionality and two routes, but is useful for demonstrating techniques for service worker caching, application shells, and push notifications.
angular  pwa  serviceworker 
2 days ago by vegarev
Angular Mobile Toolkit
Performance of native, discoverability of the Web

The Angular Mobile Toolkit makes it easy to build snappy Web apps that load instantly on any device, even without an internet connection. Take advantage of the searchability, shareability, and no-install-required-ability of the Web without compromise.
angular  mobile  toolkit  pwa 
4 days ago by vegarev
App Shell モデルの素振り(前編)webpack と Workbox を利用した構築 ::ハブろぐ
App Shell モデルという設計パターン App Shell モデルは、共通のガワ部分を構成する HTML、CSS、JavaScript をシェルと定義し、その中に入る動的なコンテンツ部分と構造的に分離して扱えるように設計されま...
pwa  appshell  webpack  prpl 
4 days ago by ogwmnm
All the tools you need to build and deploy your Progressive Web Apps.
pwa  builder  tools 
4 days ago by andi1984

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