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Puzzled out at the Lilly Library - Indiana Daily Student
IU graduate students played with mechanical puzzles to better understand their hidden sophistication.
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2 days ago by basemaly
Monero Puzzle Still Teasing Community: Can It Be Solved? - Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Price Index
Monero Puzzle Still Teasing Community: Can It Be Solved? Fans of The Da Vinci Code take note: a cryptic image that conceals an unknown amount of Monero is circulating the web. The image was originally created for DefCon last year, but the designer has now re-published the work in hopes that the crypto community will finally be able to solve the puzzle. However, the solution remains elusive… This artwork is a #Monero #puzzle I made with a lot of ❤️. There’s a private key with an unknown amount of #XMR hidden in it. Which, rumour has it, is the same @fluffypony lost in his boating accident. Can you find it? Blow my mind!https://t.co/vrneCuhUsa pic.twitter.com/PNmVSNB9vW — The Monera (@TheMonera) February 13, 2019 A Monumental Work The vast tapestry, which was created by the Monera, features countless sub-images, including many Monero memes. The Church of Monero, Monero Cat, and “to the moon” are all displayed prominently. Privacy iconography is also featured heavily: the image makes reference to 1984, The Invisible Man, the Tor browser, and wartime propaganda, among other things. Solving the puzzle involves unraveling a vast amount of clues and finding the information needed to
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3 days ago by ohiobitcoin
Linjat - a puzzle game
Fun, very simple game - works on mobile
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15 days ago by dmje

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