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Wild Frontier - RunawayDeviant
The five of them turned to face him - him, specifically, not the rest. His girls and their new best friend.

Owen stood up. [8,398 words]
jurassic  gen  RunawayDeviant  raptordad  i-rex  cuddling  puppypile 
march 2018 by cunningplan
Jerakeen - Puppy Love
"You stole half the dogs in town," his dad says, hands on his hips. "I should arrest you."

"They're in protective custody," Stiles corrects him. He's trying to sound serious, but it's almost impossible when you have a Pomeranian eating your hair.
teenwolf  jerakeen  slash  derek/stiles  creatureoftheweek  adorable  fluff  powers  tw:animalharm  puppypile  futurefic  wc:5-10k  favorite 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
KouriArashi - The Sum of Its Parts - Series WIP (Read through Story 11)
Coming Undone: Stiles deals with the aftermath of being abducted by Peter Hale and left for dead. It's harder than he would have thought to accept his place in the pack when he's convinced that he's the 'weak one' and can't protect himself. Fortunately, Scott and Sheriff Stilinski are there to help, and to nag Derek until he helps, too. (58k words)

Onwards and Upwards (WIP): A series of one-shot fics following 'Coming Undone'. The pack is coming together.

A Place We Call Home: Stiles and the others decide to expand the pack. (60k words)

The One You Feed: The alpha pack is in town, and they’re not too happy with the way things are in Beacon Hills. Stiles may have to choose between his life and his pack. (68k words)

The Boy in Red: A sorcerer comes to Beacon Hills. When he seems to be targeting Stiles' pack, Stiles goes to Dr. Deaton for advice. But can the mysterious veterinarian really be trusted? (154k)

Making Connections: Every ten years, the hunter community hosts a gathering of all the hunters in the area, to share information and discuss tactics and strategy. This time, Chris Argent is the host, and a hundred hunters or more are coming to Beacon Hills. (96k)

With Friends Like These: One thing Stiles is looking forward to about a semester in Neptune is going to a place where there isn’t magic and monsters lurking in every corner. Or so he thinks. Then the bodies start dropping . . . (112k)

The Line in the Sand: When a friend shows up on Stiles' doorstep asking for help, Stiles knows he can't refuse. What he doesn't know is that he's walking into a trap designed just for him. (62k)

Thicker Than Water: Stiles is busy enough with his final semester of high school and his ever-growing pack without his grandparents showing up. He wants to keep them clueless about the supernatural to keep them safe, which won't be easy to do with a new killer stalking the streets of Beacon Hills... (65k)

Where the Heart Is: Nobody is more surprised than Derek when Cora turns up on his doorstep in Beacon Hills, to warn him about an alpha named Deucalion. (86k)

The Shade and his Daughter: Stiles is quite content knowing that Peter Hale is dead and in the ground, which is why it's a little disconcerting when Peter starts showing up in his dreams, telling Stiles that his daughter is in trouble. (58k)

Forgotten But Not Gone: Stiles starts losing his memories and nobody can figure out why or how to stop it. (53k)
teenwolf  kouriarashi  gen  au:canon  ptsd  kidnapped  rescue  recovery  packdynamics  sheriff.finds.out  injury  hunters  stiles.is.awesome  casefile  cuddling  puppypile  aftermath  awesome  epic  h/c  other.alphas  series  wip  magic  illness  backstory  het  stiles/erica  creatureoftheweek  healing  veronicamars  wc:900-1000k 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
BarlowGirl - Come to My Window Series
Wait by the Light of the Moon: Stiles leaned on Derek more than he walked out to the car, but they got there eventually, and it wasn’t long before Derek was trying to shove a drunk, apparently boneless teenager into his car.
“Jesus,” he muttered, cupping his hand over the top of Stiles’ head to guide him. “Don’t give yourself a concussion now, idiot.”
He folded the kid into the car and buckled him in, trying to avoid the soft skin of Stiles’ stomach where his shirt had rode up. Bad enough he had the Sheriff’s drunk, underage son in his car. He didn’t need to be hard while he drove home.
God, he was so going to get arrested again.

I Cannot Afford to Sleep: Stiles’ heart gave an uncomfortable lurch which was so not fair. That was supposed to be a Lydia-Martin-Looked-At-Him thing. “Um. Thanks?” He cleared his throat and stood up. “Jacket off, I guess. Probably not comfortable.”
“And kind of damp,” Derek added, like he was actually trying to be helpful.
Stiles shook his head. “Yeah. Let’s de-leather you, then."

I'll Be Home Soon: “Heeey there, dire wolf.”
Shaking his head, Derek stepped around the mattress to the bed. “Hey. They let you out early.”
“Hospital anxiety. Doctor agreed I’d be better recovering at home once I got to the resting part.” Stiles grinned. “You gonna stand there and loom all night? I know there isn’t a treeline like you’re used to, but you could use my closet if you really wanted.”
teenwolf  barlowgirl  slash  derek/stiles  get.together  series  undertheinfluence  injury  h/c  bestbros  cuddling  puppypile  adorable  fluff 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Dinolaur - My Poor Roommate
His roommate never would have guessed looking at him, but Stiles seems to be into some pretty kinky stuff.
teenwolf  dinolaur  slash  derek/stiles  outsiderpov  humor  futurefic  packdynamics  puppypile  cuddling  adorable 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Captain_Loki - We'll Get There One Day
“I…I didn’t…I didn’t cuddle you!” Stiles shouted it a bit maniacally, hoping the more surprise he expressed the less Derek would be compelled to kill him.

“I know,” Derek replied easily, sitting up and stretching, muscles in his shoulder popping. “I did.” The whole pack stopped their movements to stare. “Because you sleep like a spaz, Stiles,” Derek grumbled.
teenwolf  captain_loki  slash  derek/stiles  cuddling  get.together  puppypile  fluff 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
1001cranes - Spiritflesh
Sleeping Beauty - sure, take a minute to laugh at the Stiles-Sleeping Beauty parallel, he's laughing on the inside too - but Sleeping Beauty wasn't woken by a kiss in the old days. Stiles really doubts he's going to get it that easy.
teenwolf  1001cranes  het  slash  stiles/erica  stiles/scott  derek/stiles  stiles/jackson  stiles/boyd  stiles/isaac  peter/stiles  fairytales  magic  kink:somnophilia  kink:gangbang  dubcon  puppypile 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Feels Like Belonging
Stiles isn't sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  Author:nan  Slash  fanfic  Fluff  Relationship:FirstTime  PackDynamics  PackMom!Stiles  PuppyPile  OneShot  Length:1000-5000 
september 2012 by Ambrosine8
Ashinan - Wolf Whistle Series - WIP (Read through Story 6)
Into the Spin: It's all about belief in the end. (Or, the one where Stiles holds off five Alphas with his mountain ash bat of awesome.)

Catch Me If You Can: There's a general rule that Stiles sucks at hide and seek when it comes to playing with the pack. He's decided to even the odds.

Trigger Finger: Stiles hates inevitability. It’s why he still struggles with the concepts of belief. Inevitability, his belief will fail him.

Interlude: There is much Peter will do for family. Pity that Derek will never truly understand those lengths.

Howl: Not everyone is keen on letting Stiles recover after his stint in the hospital, and Derek is acting far too suspicious considering the severity of the attack. Stiles is not amused.

Shatter: Focus and control are both things Stiles fights to maintain. It's difficult when outside forces decide to mess with that.
teenwolf  ashinan  preslash  derek/stiles  postS2  other.alphas  rescue  injury  h/c  aftermath  puppypile  stiles.is.awesome  favorite  fun  series  wip  magic  packdynamics  training  sheriff.finds.out  het  scott/allison  lydia.is.awesome  allison.is.awesome  ladies.are.awesome  wc:80-90k 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Dira Sudis (dsudis) - The Metaphor That Made You
Circa "Abomination", Derek tells his betas a story after they're too beaten up to train any more.
teenwolf  dirasudis  gen  packdynamics  myth  injury  h/c  puppypile  family  fluff 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Idyll - (Sacred) In the Ordinary
The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing's gotten less complicated after all this time.
teenwolf  idyll  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  favorite  fav.rereads  futurefic  family  packdynamics  lydia.is.awesome  stiles.is.awesome  epic  injury  recovery  fpreg  puppypile  sheriff.stilinski/chris.argent  casefile  other.alphas  so.good  gorgeous  awesome  slowbuild  wc:70-80k 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Twilight_shades – How You Define Good News
Prompt ficlet. For the Teen Wolf Kink Meme on teenwolfkink. Stiles’ drunken decision to get a tattoo leads to a bond when the tattoo turns out to be Alpha Derek Hale’s mark. AU where werewolves are known and nothing happens like it does on the show. (Love Stiles's interaction with Scott and Lydia.)
teenwolf  twilight_shades  slash  derek/stiles  au:intersects  packdynamics  bonded  get.together  puppypile 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
SpiritsFlame - Pack Dynamics For Dummies
Stiles isn't sure how a Pack is supposed to work, but he's pretty sure that this this disorganized jumble of people and events doesn't quite qualify. He has to hand it to Derek though, he keeps trying. And Stiles has never been one to stand quietly on the sidelines.
teenwolf  spiritsflame  gen  preslash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  packdynamics  stiles.is.awesome  puppypile  nothuman  injury  sheriff.finds.out  training  danny.is.awesome  postS1 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Nan - Feels Like Belonging
Stiles isn't sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.
teenwolf  nan  gen  preslash  derek/stiles  fluff  snuggling  puppypile  packdynamics 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Any Way You Slice It - thebodyeclectic - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Wherein Isaac is Derek and Stiles’s feelings child and also everyone thinks the end of their amicable buddyfucking was something out of those CW soaps Stiles swears he doesn’t watch and tries to get them back together.

(Hey grrl hey. I'm only a little ways in now, but in the summary it says Isaac is Derek and Stiles' feelings child so I'm hoping this will hit some of the kidfic notes we're looking for, although yes, Isaac is still Stiles' age. Bonus for puppy piles and lovey pack-ness already.

ETA: Finished! it's got some moments with actualfax kids, yay, but I'm still seeking the holy grail for us, grrl, don't you worry. This was fun and sweet.)
teenwolf  fic  derek/stiles  heygrrl  marriage  pack  future  long  puppypile  from instapaper
august 2012 by inkjunket
Cohesion - Zee - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: “Now that Scott’s joined the pack, he might be feeling urges he doesn’t understand.” Werewolf co-sleeping.
teenwolf  fic  gen  short  puppypile  from instapaper
july 2012 by inkjunket
Feels Like Belonging - nan - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
LOTS OF PACK FEELS!!! PUPPY PILE!!! "Can we stay here tonight?" Isaac said it in a rush.

"I...what? No, what? Why do you want to stay here?!" Stiles asked, pulling up his blankets as if guarding his virtue which was just ridiculous. Acknowledging the ridiculousness didn't stop him from doing it. "Seriously, what's going on?"

Isaac and Erica shared a glance. "You're...comfortable," Erica said carefully.
THIS IS SO GOOD. I have so many pack feels. I just wish it was longer. Whyyyyyy? Five
teenwolf  derek/stiles  erica  isaac  boyd  scott  cute  puppypile  pack  feels  five  FAITHREADTHIS  via:expastic 
july 2012 by chicagoartnerd

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