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Understanding How Apache Pulsar Works — Jack Vanlightly
I will be writing a series of blog posts about Apache Pulsar, including
some Kafka vs Pulsar posts. First up though I will be running some chaos
tests on a Pulsar cluster like I have done with RabbitMQ and Kafka to see
what failure modes it has and its message loss scenarios.

I will try to do this by either exploiting design defects, implementation
bugs or poor configuration on the part of the admin or developer.

In this post we’ll go through the Apache Pulsar design so that we...
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8 weeks ago by yehosef
Pulsar's WebSocket API · Apache Pulsar
<p>Pulsar's <a href="https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebSockets_API">WebSocket</a> API is meant to provide a simple way to interact with Pulsar using languages that do not have an official <a href="/docs/en/client-libraries">client library</a>. Through WebSockets you can publish and consume messages and use all the features available in the <a href="/docs/en/client-libraries-java">Java</a>, <a href="/docs/en/client-libraries-go">Go</a>, <a href="/docs/en/client-libra...
9 weeks ago by yehosef
Apache Pulsar Outperforms Apache Kafka by 2.5x on OpenMessaging Benchmark | Business Wire
New performance benchmark test shows Apache Pulsar delivering 2.5x better performance on OpenMessaging Benchmark
pulsar  kafka 
10 weeks ago by yehosef
Comparing Pulsar and Kafka: unified queuing and streaming
This blog series examines the similiarities and differences between the Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka streaming messaging solutions.
kafka  pulsar 
10 weeks ago by yehosef

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