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Nope, totally not trying to sneak up on you : Eyebleach
“I draw the line when a mutation makes the animal live in pain or uncomfortable since they’re born until they die.

“This cat race apparently isn’t constantly in pain or uncomfortable for having short legs. Yes they’d be troubled if they were wild animals but fortunately they’re pets that don’t need hunting or to run away from predators.”
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february 2019 by handcoding
Me don't care if the neighbors see me in my pajammies. Mondays are for pajammies!

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june 2018 by stevechic
It's your Birthday so I farted inside this balloon…

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may 2018 by stevechic
Me testing out these waters. Gotta make sure there's no sting rays, jelly fishes or sharks.

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may 2018 by stevechic
A lil A/C pTOT going on right now! 😍

Repost from , Instagram! 😛

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april 2018 by stevechic
🔊 🔊 🔊 Me likes some whine 🍷 with my Saturday!

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february 2018 by stevechic

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