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Harp Spectrum
A tale of building a wooden wind harp big enough to sit inside, with some lessons for self-care while undertaking speculative projects, per Dave Ayer:

The rain wouldn't let up, so I couldn't do any more work outside, and I began to lose enthusiasm. To get myself moving again, I went to the lumber yard and ordered everything I would need to build the soundbox. Finally something was really happening.As I returned day to day to work on the harp, it seemed to me a normal activity. But when I talked about it, I often left people a bit dumbfounded. Now and then even I had to wonder, what the heck was I doing?

I had to learn to keep myself in touch with the magic of the wind harp, or all my efforts would become work and it would turn into just another job. The magic was always apparent when I could talk to someone discreetly about my project. The idea of creating for the sheer delight of doing it meant something to people, and almost everyone supported me with their encouragement, while many would work with me just to be involved. Not everyone really understood the project: more than once I was asked "Is there some way to shut it off, or does it just go all the time?"
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Ebey's Landing
USWest Washington PugetSound BWRT PacificNorthwest island islands
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1867 chart of by the US Coast Survey—I love the simple watercolor wash on this chart.....also, interest…
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may 2018 by rukku
Tri-campus survey aims to identify student struggles with housing, food costs | UW News
The survey also is similar to one that Stevens conducted at UW Tacoma five years ago. That survey estimated that nearly one-third of the Tacoma student body was “food insecure,” as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and 10 percent met federal education law criteria for homelessness. The data from that survey ultimately led, through the UW Tacoma Office of Equity & Inclusion, to the creation of a food pantry, which receives 500 to 700 individual visits a month, Stevens said. Following the survey, the Department of Student Engagement hired a social worker and two interns to manage emergency aid to students, thanks to the involvement of various campus partners.

What interventions might emerge from the new, tri-campus survey are unknown, Fyall said. A follow-up study to interview students struggling with these challenges, for which Fyall and her colleagues have applied for funding, could reveal more about how students are coping, and lead to some additional resources from the administration.

“We can’t work on the problem without having the data,” she said.

Each campus population is different, Stevens added. Eventual solutions could address specific needs, possibly changing how the university constructs financial aid packages, provides emergency aid, or allocates additional funding to broaden services in the food pantry such as culturally appropriate offerings.
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march 2018 by laurenipsum
Sailing soon: an Orca-friendly, all-electric car ferry
Pretty cool project. Not surprising that state legislature couldn't pay for switch to LNG hybrid ferries.
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august 2017 by UltraNurd

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