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This amazing race condition is the best commit msg you'll read today.
Where I reply as to why centralized counting/locking is less good than ObjectIds. And how they're meant to be calculated by the application workers themselves, not a centralized DB back-end.
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yesterday by amcgregor
Twitter’s Kafka adoption story
See why Twitter decided to adopt Kafka as its PubSub system and the challenges we faced during adoption.
twitter  pubsub  event_streaming  event-based_architectures  kafka 
yesterday by mreinbold
PRDD - Performance-Review Driven Development
'If the way to get promoted is to launch a shiny new product, then your most senior people will be the best at finding shiny new products to launch, even if that's not the right technical decision to make.' (from a newsy thread about Twitter's latest messaging system switch)
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13 days ago by jm
ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
More or less all the big APIs are REST­ful these days. Yeah, you can quib­ble about what “REST” means (and I will, a bit) but the as­ser­tion is broad­ly true. Is it go­ing to stay that way forever? Seems un­like­ly. So, what’s nex­t?
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20 days ago by dlkinney

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