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The Compasses Inn | Canterbury | Ashford | Country Pub & Restaurant
modern British food in a 16th century Kentish Inn, Crundale, near Canterbury and Ashford.
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may 2019 by asaltydog
great pubs just off motorway - Google Search
Use this to find better places to eat other than motorway services
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april 2019 by mikeoutram
The White Horse, Dover - An award winning public house in the historic part of Dover | The White Horse, Dover
Sitting in the shadow of Dover Castle and beside the ruins of a Norman Church, you will find the White Horse Inn, an award winning public house in the historic part of Dover, Kent.
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april 2019 by asaltydog
RT : We’re appalled at wholly inappropriate & destructive plans for 2 of ’s oldest akin to…
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march 2019 by tonys

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