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Award-Winning Nautilus Magazine Enters Troubled Waters
The Award-Winning Magazine Nautilus Enters Rough Waters @undarkmag
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yesterday by HalSF
How I self-published a book, sold 180,000 copies & 2X’d revenue
Writing a book is a long, lonely, and oftentimes unsuccessful endeavor. My “instant success” was anything but. The Coaching Habit was the result of four years of floundering, rejection, and toil. So you don’t make my mistakes, allow me to share everything I used to vault my book from idea to bestseller (with a table of contents to skip to what you’d like to know).

Part I: The New York publisher, the big-name agent, and misery
Part II: Don’t go it alone: How to assemble a kickass team
Part III: Invest more upfront (and keep more money)
Part IV: How to engineer a bestselling book launch
Part V: No one really knows what they’re doing
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2 days ago by Quercki
A publisher of one's own: Virginia and Leonard Woolf and the Hogarth Press | Books | The Guardian
Unfortunately short piece about the Hogarth Press, started by Virginia and Leonard Woolf in 1917. The first output was hand-set by the Woolfs on a hand-cranked press.
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2 days ago by johnmfrench
UK Publishing has record year up 7% to £4.8bn
Figures released today by the Publishers Association shows that 2016 was a record breaking year for the publishing industry with sales of books and journals reaching £4.8bn, their highest ever level.

The increase in sales of 7% on the previous year is the largest growth in a decade, when in 2007 digital was first included.
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2 days ago by inspiral
How eBooks lost their shine: 'Kindles now look clunky and unhip' | Books | The Guardian
Just a few years ago, the Kindle was being blamed for the death of the traditional book. But the latest figures show a dramatic reversal of fortunes, with sales of ebooks plunging. So what’s behind this resurgence?
books  publishing  growth  eBooks  Kindle  review  trends  Guardian  2017 
2 days ago by inspiral
How Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales plans to curb the spread of fake news
The Wikitribune homepage said the platform would go live in 29 days. It also indicated that the intention was to hire 10 journalists, but none had been hired so far.
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4 days ago by seaugust

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