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DCN report shows publisher revenue from Google, Facebook, Snapchat - Business Insider Deutschland
Publishers are receiving far less money than might have been expected from placing their content on the third-party distribution platforms owned by companies including Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, according to a new report.
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12 hours ago by gugelproductions
Wakefield Press
Wakefield Press is an independent American publisher devoted to the translation of overlooked gems and literary oddities in small, affordable, yet elegant paperback editions. Our publications include the Wakefield Handbooks series (the guidebook as imagined through literature) and the Imagining Science series (science as imagined through literature), as well as forays into classic experimental fiction (literature as imagined through literature). Authors range from literary giants to those underrepresented (or unknown) in English.
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2 days ago by stjp
Standard Ebooks
The Standard Ebooks project is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit effort to produce a collection of high quality, carefully formatted, accessible, open source, and free public domain ebooks that meet or exceed the quality of commercially produced ebooks. The text and cover art in our ebooks is already believed to be in the public domain, and Standard Ebook dedicates its own work to the public domain, thus releasing whole ebooks files themselves into the public domain.
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2 days ago by zzkt
Manage your metadata

Supadu loves and understands metadata whether it is delivered through ONIX. Control your metadata in real time directly to your websites. Add additional assets, change marketing information, boost your “search” and create catalogues.

Build your website

Display metadata in multiple ways, including a fully featured site search and recommendation engine to create your publishing website through the Supafolio API.

Website Built

View the websites built using the Supafolio Platform on our client page

View our platform
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