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5 Hacks for Creating a More Engaging Ebook - Kotobee Blog
interesting small bits of interactivity. geared more at kids books.
publishing  ebook 
yesterday by mofox
Tips on How to Use Images in Kindle Books
might be useful. see how far I can push this.
publishing  ebook 
yesterday by mofox
Publish in Journals! – Ehud Reiter's Blog
pros and cons of publishing in journals and conferences
academia  publishing 
yesterday by aparrish
The State Of PC Gaming In 2018
PC has never been a singular platform like, say, PlayStation or Xbox. Instead, it’s a series of disparate landmasses sharing the same turbulent sea.
videogames  publishing  business  platform 
yesterday by basemaly
Publish github pages using git submodules
When I first start using github pages to publish web pages, it was pretty difficult for me keep the source code and build seperately. It was too much complicated until I got introduced to git submodules.
git  submodule  github  pages  publishing  static  repository 
yesterday by rbardini
Bookwire - Home
Bookwire offers the most complete list of books with comparison prices of the books you want from all the major online retailers.
publishing  books  business 
2 days ago by basemaly
Idyll | A markup language for interactive and data-driven blogging.
Idyll is a markup language and toolkit for writing interactive articles. Idyll's reactive document model and standard component library decrease the amount of code needed to create high quality multimedia narratives. Idyll uses web standards to produce output that will load quickly in any web browser and is fully extensible.
markup  publishing 
2 days ago by davidbenque
Boydell & Brewer Publishers
Boydell & Brewer publishers: medieval studies, early modern, modern, military and maritime history, music, African studies, German Studies and more.
publishing  books  modern  medieval  history 
2 days ago by asaltydog
Reedsy: Find the perfect editor, designer or marketer | Reedsy
Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals: from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists and translators.
book  books  copy  copywriting  ebook  ebooks  editing  editor  literary  publishing  selfpublishing  tools  writing 
3 days ago by tribbles
Eloquence on Demand | Firebrand Technologies
Eloquence on Demand is the industry gold standard for metadata and content distribution. Reach more trading partners with less effort and better metadata.
publishing  books  database 
3 days ago by basemaly

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