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Foreplay - by lq_traintracks (lumosed_quill)
And that’s when a variety of humiliations occurred on Draco’s person. First and foremost, he’d looked into Potter’s eyes. Glittering green. Apocalyptic green. Shadows like clouds on a lake. Never has anyone looked so alive as Potter holding Draco down while his struggles slowly die off.

Then, Potter’s body. Heavy. So heavy. His muscles all taut, weight implacable. As Draco tried to wrench his arms free, Potter’s fists tightened; he exerted only the smallest increase in force, and it stilled Draco’s attempts. Arms no longer of any use, Draco bucked, such that he could, and Potter’s pelvis ground down hard into his own. No small miracle that Draco was not, at this point, hard as hell. The shock still worked through his nervous system, adrenaline choking off anything but fight or flight. For just that one last moment...

...before Draco smelled him. Bright. Citrus. And then, under that, rich earthy sage. And under that. Sweat. Clean and salty. Not sour. Not rank.

He’s wearing a white vest, loose enough to be a liability, something Draco could have leveraged, yanked on, ripped right off. It shows the sweat-darkened hair under his arms, some of it matted down, strands clinging together. And Draco smells him. Bright. Dark. Penetratingly sexual.

This is what does it finally, Draco’s writhing now becoming not a legitimate bid to escape, but a shameful ploy for the tiniest bit of friction between them. He makes it look good. Of course he does. He grits his teeth and yanks at Potter’s hold on his arms, in effect wrenching up a bit and rubbing their chests together. It makes Potter have to hold him down harder, his strong arms rippling. Draco bucks again, pressing his hardening cock against Potter’s granite slab of a body. Their gazes hold, anger to anger. At least to anyone watching. But Draco sees the shift in Potter over him, the inkdrop spread of pupil, the flare of his nostrils as he breathes Draco in. And he feels the sharp jut of a thick cock swelling against his inner thigh.
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  aurors  training  water  publicsex  casual-sex 
august 2019 by runpunkrun
Perched in the Soul - by Betazoa (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2019)
The only reason Jim had followed Bones to sickbay without protest was that he’d seen the mad twinkle in Bones’ eyes and knew he was willing to drop the bombshell about Jim and Spock’s bond in front of all the bridge crew if Jim made so much as a peep of protest. Now he’s laying down with his shirt off and electrodes hooked up all over his torso, which doesn’t even make sense considering the bond is in his head.

“And what controls the rest of your body, Jim?” Bones tells him when he points this out. “That damn fool brain of yours, which you let the Vulcan hotwire himself into. So who knows how the hell the damn thing is running the show these days?” Bones taps irritably at the padd, and Jim can’t tell if it’s because he’s displeased with the readings, or if he’s just displeased that the readings are normal and he’s got nothing else to complain about. Either way, he’s been displeased ever since the whole thing began, and there’s no point in reminding him that Jim had been unconscious, on the brink of death, and hadn’t been in a position to allow or refuse Spock. It’s not worth having that conversation again.

“I feel fine,” Jim offers, though it’s more to irritate Bones than to provide useful information. Bones glares at him, and Jim muses on how that glare could melt all the ice on Andoria. “Really, Bones,” he adds genuinely. “No headaches, no memory loss, no telepathic bleedover; I haven’t felt any side effects.” He specifically isn’t mentioning the very interesting side effect he’d felt the other day with Spock in the briefing room. Bones doesn’t need to know Jim had accidentally kissed his First Officer in the Vulcan fashion.
st:tos  kirk/spock  off-world  stranded  mind-meld  whoops  bonded  publicsex 
june 2019 by runpunkrun
Something Primal by zimothy
Charles struggled to get out of his seat, hurrying to stand when the reality of the situation hit him.
Erik Lehnsherr was his Alpha.
Erik Lehnsherr was here to claim him.
Erik Lehnsherr was going to do it in the middle of the classroom full of his peers.
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  A/B/O  PublicSex  PWP  First_Time  WC:2K-5K  Jun2019 
june 2019 by paraka
keelywolfe: Just a Taste
There was barely room for Spock to collapse, sliding down until Jim had to shift and let him on the floor, moving so he was practically straddling the other man's lap. The light in the room was reddish and dim, composed of flickering consoles and Spock's eyes were only a dark, wet gleam in it. Jim might have smiled, might have cracked a joke the same way he had at the end of a dozen other interstellar blowjobs, might have if Spock hadn't leaned forward and licked at the wetness still on Jim's chin, followed it up to his swollen mouth. So gentle, considerate of sore lips and an equally exhausted tongue. Sweet sticky kisses between them, Spock's hands between them, fumbling with his pants and they were trembling...trembling?

He was trembling, the same hands that were always so steady on the bridge were shaking in their tiny, dark corner and Jim could only kiss him, murmuring soft words between them as he licked Spock's sweetness into his own mouth. He arched into those hot, shaky hands, his own pleasure edging his vision with blackness and of course, Spock would have to be different, had to be different. Was different.
st:aos  kirk/spock  publicsex  bodies  firsttimes  <3 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
keelywolfe: A Moment of Our Silence
"Trouble sleeping?" Jim offered, rubbing the towel briskly under his arms.

To his surprise, Spock merely said, "Yes," stripping off his jacket. He still had a tank underneath it, only baring his arms and Jim resisted the urge to roll his eyes again. Maybe they were destined to be friends, maybe he would captain his own ship permanently, maybe, maybe, maybe but right now the only thing Spock had that Kirk needed was a pulse.

"It's so quiet," Kirk said, softly. He studied the floor at his feet, the lights reflecting starkly in the high gloss. "My roommate is dead."

"As a graduate, my quarters are for a single occupant," Spock informed him. He was doing some sort of weird stretching exercise. Huh, Vulcans were pretty flexible for such a rigid species. "However, I admit, I am finding the silence at the Academy to be somewhat...disconcerting."

"Yeah, I guess that's the word for it."

"My meditation was not proving an adequate distraction. I thought perhaps that physical exertion could—"

"You figured if you wore yourself out maybe you'd be able to sleep," Jim interrupted, swiping at his forehead again with the towel. "That's pretty much what I was thinking."

"As you say."

Whatever the stretching was, he seemed to be done and Spock only stood there, not quite uncertainly, almost expectant waiting. Maybe he needed something too, not friends exactly, but Jim had a pulse, too, and he could offer that.

And when it became clear that Spock wasn't going to tell him, he suggested, "Want to spar?"
st:aos  kirk/spock  post-narada  angry  publicsex 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
Licence my roving hands - concernedlily
One of Eggsy's recruitment tasks is to protect some information from a vile seducer. No problem.

Well, unless they send Harry. [6,215 words]
kingsman  Eggsy/Harry  concernedlily  edging  publicsex  honeypot  seduction 
may 2019 by cunningplan
corpus_invictus | Star Trek: Distractions
"Is there any reason," Spock manages to rasp out, fingers grasping and digging into his console, "that this could not have waited until after my report to my father?"

"Sure. It wouldn't have been near as much fun." He has Spock stretched and relaxed enough for both fingers now, thrusting them into him with a lazy sort of rhythm. "And anyway, you did fine. I'd've been moaning halfway through explaining about the elemental structure if it were me."

"If it were you," and he inhales sharply on a sudden twist of fingers inside him, "I would never be so foolish as to distract you in such a fashion."

"Which is why you're the science officer and I'm the captain." He rises from his kneeling position, keeping Spock firmly impaled on his fingers and using his free hand to undo the front of his own pants. "Because you've got the composure to rattle off compound names to your father whereas I've got more important things to do."

"Your current display of blatant disregard for common decency suggests otherwise." And for all Spock's verbal objections, it's not as though he's trying to get away, shifting back eagerly into Kirk's fingers and making a nearly inaudible keening sound when Kirk pulls them out of him.
st:aos  kirk/spock  publicsex 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Paper Tigers - by ThereBeWhalesHere
In the seats behind him, a host of stuffy cultural and military advisors trade final notes of caution, but Jim has heard quite enough notes of caution by now, after months preparing for the impending negotiation. He has been on the receiving end of his father’s serious scowl, his mother’s concerned, tight smile. He has sat through the royal advisors’ hours of etiquette training, and he swears he knows by now.

He knows that Vulcans can be unpredictable. They’re pure passion, pure will, pure fire, the once-enemy of everything Jim and his family holds dear, and any offence could make them rebuke an alliance with Earth forever. Given the machines of war Vulcans have at their disposal, the Terrans need this alliance, or at least this friendship. The shaky armistice of 30 years ago is no longer enough.

So Jim has been told to remain out of the way, to observe and not participate in the upcoming talks. He understands, for the most part. He’s still only 27, and he can be full of fire himself. Even bringing Jim along is a risk, according to his brother the crown prince.

Never mind that Jim is Earth’s second son, or that he has spent his whole life observing negotiations. Never mind that he thinks he might know how to handle a couple of hot-headed extraterrestrials after that run-in with the Tellarites last year. But when it comes down to it, his parents are king and queen of the most influential planet in the quadrant, and even Jim has to listen to them sometimes. Besides, they want this to be his first step into a new role: Earth’s first official ambassador to Vulcan since the end of their war 30 years ago.

Provided this all goes well.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  vulcan  pre-reform  royalty  war  publicsex  negotiation  reunion  mind-meld  bonded  death  rejection  captive  sybok 
december 2018 by runpunkrun
I <3 NY
Dean finds himself a little closer than he usually allows himself to get to Castiel while on the subway in New York City...
Supernatural  Castiel/Dean  03-10  Slash  smut  pwp  PublicSex  Frottage  HandJob  Author:tricia_16 
december 2018 by LilyC
"I didn't know you knew him," John said.
"We were friendly," Rodney said.
StargateAtlantis  McKay/Sheppard  03-10  DADT  ComingOut  Angst  PublicSex  Author:Speranza 
november 2018 by LilyC
Sign Away Every Hour
There’s a sex spell that Sam can use to open a door to Purgatory. Good thing there’s a Prophet of the Lord around who can participate.
Supernatural  KevinTran/SamWinchester  00-03  Slash  pwp  PublicSex  Author:AnnieD(scaramouche) 
august 2018 by LilyC
Just Gonna Sit There?
When his brother abandons him at a college sex party, Castiel tries to find somewhere to sit quietly and wait for his ride to return. Feeling more than a little out of place, he wants nothing more than to leave, until a gorgeous and almost naked man falls into his lap. Maybe he can stay for a little while.
Supernatural  Castiel/Dean  03-10  Slash  smut  AU  pwp  PublicSex  Orgies  Author:darkbluesharpie 
august 2018 by LilyC
Pawn to Queen’s Knight 4 - by IvanW (Chess Moves #2)
He pulled his pants up, tucked himself back in, and fastened everything just right before turning to do the same for Spock. He smoothed down Spock’s hair and then handed him some wipes for his hand. Jim bent down to clean the floor, as best he could in the dark, and then disposed of all wipes into the pocket of his trousers.

“I’ll go out first to make sure we’re okay and then I’ll clear my throat when it’s safe for you, all right?”

“Very well,” Spock replied coolly.

Jim kissed him quickly and then fumbled for the door. He opened it a crack, peeked out, and then opened it wider to slip out into the corridor.

Thankfully, there was no one around. He hadn’t really expected there to be as most classes were done for the day, but he couldn’t take that chance. Jim cleared his throat and the closet door opened and Spock stepped out.

“That was most illogical,” Spock said in his ‘reprimanding’ voice.

“Hot though, right?”

“It is inexplicable how I let myself be talked into this sort of sordid behavior,” the Vulcan said primly. “We could have simply gone to my apartment.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  teacher/student  publicsex  D/s  spanking  praise  meet-the-family 
april 2018 by runpunkrun
For the Mission - by yeaka
They’re the picture of Mrennenimian diplomats: a wealthy ‘dom’ and his pet. Mrennenimians don’t believe they have slavery, and the Federation relationship is too tenuous for Jim to afford judgments on their culture. He does what he has to do for the good of his people, and that’s the only thing that holds his back straight with his t’hy’la knelt at his feet like a dog.

The transporter whirs into activation, and Jim’s world dissolves around him. It glitters back into open scenery what feels like a split-second later. His feet, spread on the hard, white tile, feel like they never left the ground. Jim steps off the landing platform, and Spock follows on hands and knees, down into the open hallway off the government port. The wall behind him is so cut with decorative designs that it might as well be all one glass window, and the dazzling purple sunset washes through the tropical forest, down along the shining floor. Jim eyes the tall columns and sculpted pillars with only mild interest: what he’s really trying to do is not look down, so he doesn’t have to face the reality of what he’s dong.

Spock agreed to it, he reminds himself. It was an important mission. If Jim didn’t have a pet, the government wouldn’t take him seriously, wouldn’t deal with him at all. They said as much. Appearing ‘civilized’ and respectful of their culture is tantamount. And who else could Jim have taken? He needs his best with him. He may need an analytical mind if treaties are to be whipped out over dinner, which they very well could be, and he needs the historian, philosopher, mediator, balance that his first officer brings him. ...And if he’d brought yeoman Rand or Ensign Chekov or really any other of his officers, how could he sleep at night? Spock is the logical choice.

Spock sits on neatly folded legs with admirable posture; when Jim looks down at him, he doesn’t look back, instead staring straight forward. He probably finds the alien architecture, entirely functional yet undeniable beautiful, fascinating.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  en(sex)slaved  aliensmakethemdoit  voyeurism/exhibitionism  rituals  publicsex 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
REQUEST: OMC/Sam, Bad Santa, public sex, cockslut!Sam
Sam and Dean are watching a drunk mall Santa's antics. Dude's completely drunk off his ass, saying suggestive things to moms, and staying maybe 50% in character. Dean thinks it'd be funny to make Sam sit on his lap, saying that Sam always wanted to do it as a kid. Bad Santa cheerfully accepts and it happens so fast that Sam gets swept up into it. Dean gets a call and runs off to leave Sam there while he does whatever, thinking Sam will have an awkward/embarrassing time and it'll be fun to find out the details later. Bad Santa flirts with Sam, talking dirty while still in-character (super jolly but also super horny), and starts rubbing up against Sam, who feels Bad Santa's fat dick right against his hole and gets helplessly turned on. Sam starts to ride Bad Santa's cock while trying (and failing) to keep it quiet, all while Bad Santa stays a little too in-character. Santa's helpers, shoppers, and anyone still lined up can either be oblivious or realize what's going on.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/omc(s)  publicsex  cockslut!Sam 
december 2017 by Mayalaen
Slowly - by yeaka
“They are good luck,” the priest next to him explains, a note of pride in hir voice. Obviously, xe considers this ritual common place and sees no reason for Spock to feel otherwise. The priest who entered the room joins them outside, and Spock does his best to stand as stoically and unaffected as them.

But it’s difficult to do so when Jim is stuck on the other side of a solid partition, stripped and bound and laden with small creatures in the most sensitive of places. Snails, Spock believes is the Earth name for them, though they’re likely native to Mrennenimus III—the Terran facsimiles don’t glow iridescent colours. In all other respects, the snails appear very similar. Five of them have been attached to Jim’s flaccid cock, the organ nestled against his lush thighs. The snails all appear to be moving, though very slowly, and they drag with them a glistening, clear liquid as they go.
st:aos  kirk/spock  rituals  aliensmakethemdoit  spacecritters  publicsex 
november 2017 by runpunkrun
Request: Sam/Dean, mutual masturbation, public sex
John Winchester takes his mature sons out for dinner. Dean and Sam play a game though, where they jerk each other's cocks under the table, and try to make each other cum first. It's a risky game though, because John would not be happy if he found out what his sons were doing. Sam can't help smirking when Dean moans, though,and Dean can't resist wearing a smug grin as Sam squirms in his seat.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  masturbation  mutualmasturbation  publicsex 
october 2017 by Mayalaen

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