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I did not know that Washington state legislature passed and signed into law a this year. T…
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20 days ago by mattsaler
On - ⁦ Op-Ed reminds that Americans actually love public options: schools, libraries, park…
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6 weeks ago by rocketboy
The Slack Wire: Public Options: The General Case
argument that a public option in markets might be more efficient than subsidies
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december 2011 by njbunk
Health Reform 2.0 | The American Prospect
When people say health care reform wastes tax-payer dollars:

SAVING TAXPAYER DOLLARS BY CUTTING FRAUD, WASTE, ABUSELandmark health care reform signed into law by President Obama cuts waste and inefficient spending, including a provision to curb substantial taxpayer subsidies to private insurance companies that administer Medicare Advantage plans, by strengthening oversight, improving efficiency and increasing provider screening to prevent fraud before it starts. Health care reform includes aggressive new provisions to save billions of taxpayer dollars and protect the health care investments made by individuals, businesses, and government.
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august 2010 by dx20881
Bernstein Smacks Down Greenwald | The New Republic
"The most amusing thing about those on the left and the right who think their party leaders are sell-outs is how unaware they are of their resemblance to each other. The conservative movement is filled with people who think George W. Bush failed to cut spending because he lacked sufficient willpower to demand it. Very few of them understand, say, that Bush had to support some kind of prescription drug bill to win in 2000 and had to follow through on his promise to win in 2004. They believe the problem was that Bush was insufficiently committed to their ideological goals. Time to replace him with a true believer!"
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june 2010 by HispanicPundit

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