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My piece on , + representation at Hall of Fame just posted! Excited t…
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5 weeks ago by latona
RT : The rest of the tweet: "sculpted by acclaimed African American artist Ed Hamilton.
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12 weeks ago by mcuttino
ACT Public Art, City of Providence's Department of Art, Culture + Tourism
ACT invites emerging and established artists in the Providence metropolitan area to submit an idea or concept for “Animating Public Space” that you would like to explore though a temporary work of art on City-owned public property or land. Up to four selected artists will each receive up to $10,000 to realize his/her/their idea during the time-frame of fall 2019 to spring/summer 2020.

As this competition aims to create new opportunities for artists and to help artists gain skills necessary to work in public space, no public art experience is necessary to apply.

Submissions are due May 6, 2019.
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may 2019 by risdgrants
Next Friday, May 3 6:30pm: "Let's Go Back: Students and Alums Challenging Representation in and…
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april 2019 by latona
Rhode Island Arts and Health Network Artist in Residence
The Rhode Island Arts and Health Network believes that embedding artists within a state department of health will help to drive creative arts-based approaches to achieving health equity, addressing the social determinants of health, and attaining population health goals. Ultimately, the arts have the power to create healthier individuals and thriving communities. The AIR project is a pilot program of the new state plan for arts and health.

The selected artist will be embedded at the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) and will work from associated community locations for a project period of 5 months between June 1 and December 31, 2019. The specific 5 months will be mutually selected between the artist the RIDOH staff involved. The AIR will work with selected RIDOH staff to create one or more public projects which respond to a public health issue identified at the onset of the program.

Professional artists, at least 18 years of age, with significant experience in providing arts to health-based projects and/or settings are eligible to apply. Applicants must be Rhode Island residents at the time of application and throughout the project. Artists in any arts discipline are eligible to apply. The stipend for the residency will be $15,000, paid by a Network partner agency over the course of the residency. There will be additional budget items for supplies and materials, and a researcher/evaluator. The daily work schedule will be negotiated between the artist and relevant RIDOH staff.
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april 2019 by risdgrants
extremely grateful to our amazing panelists & attendees for such inspiring conversation on
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march 2019 by latona
RT : Now that is what I call modal shift.
Parking meters converted to parking. Yea!
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march 2019 by rtanglao
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) Project Grant
Project Grants for Individuals (PGI) provides $500-$3,000 grants to artist instigated and organized arts projects with a strong public component. Through PGI, RISCA supports highly creative and talented artists who seek to create, produce, perform, teach, or share their work with the public. Projects might include the coordination and/or creation of: community arts events, public performances, arts workshops and classes, public visual art, and creative collaborations. These grants are for individuals creating work outside of nonprofit or other institutional support and structures. These grants are not for individuals looking to support their studio practice, but for projects that directly engage Rhode Island residents in some way.

--You must be a United States citizen or Green Card holder and a current, legal resident of the State of Rhode Island.
--You must have established legal residence in Rhode Island for a minimum of twelve consecutive months prior to the date of application and you must be a current legal resident of the State of Rhode Island at the time that grant funds are disbursed.
--Students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in an arts discipline or an arts-related subject area at the time of application may not apply.
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february 2019 by risdgrants

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