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For the love of God, please tell me what your company does
"A button invites us to try a demo, but doesn’t bother to mention what this might be a demo of — clicking it takes us to a contact form, which seduces us with the promise, “Learn how to take your PR and social media marketing programs to the next level”."
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september 2017 by niksilver
With Scaramucci, Trump is going to war – with the media, with the truth, with America - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Jul. 22, 2017Donald Trump is going to the mattresses.

The hiring of the immodest, inexperienced and uncompromising Wall Street money man Anthony Scaramucci as White House director of communications means one thing, and one thing only: Donald Trump is going to war.

He’s going to war against special counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.
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july 2017 by jerryking
An Ad Woman at the Top of an Industry That She Thinks Still Has Far to Go - The New York Times

The American workplace and the ad industry have evolved strikingly since then, but perhaps not fast enough. On Tuesday evening, Ms. Williams will be the first African-American woman with a creative agency background — the class of executives exalted on “Mad Men” — to be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame, which was established in 1948.

Ms. Williams, the founder of Carol H. Williams Advertising, got her start at Leo Burnett in Chicago. There she coined the tagline for Secret deodorant — “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman” — and helped sell Americans on Pillsbury canned frosting back when the boxed version was in vogue.....Ms. Williams eventually became the first woman to be a creative director at Leo Burnett, but her career was not without challenges. She learned to ignore or detach herself from situations where men would say culturally “unacceptable” things, she said, and advanced without having a female boss or peer “to derive mentorship from.”........“In those days, I saw people would execute a project because they enjoyed executing the project and the project was just that to them,” she said. “Whereas when I would execute a project, it impacted the bottom line.”....Ms. Williams said the industry still had work to do in connecting with African-Americans. She is concerned that agencies catering to multicultural audiences employ mass marketing strategies that look to target such consumers simply by casting minorities in ads, or making assumptions based on social media data.

“It becomes an issue of, ‘If they see themselves in a commercial, they’ll buy the product,’ rather than it being about the messaging and how that messaging is delivered to them,” she said.

Some companies are also using digital technology to “withdraw what they perceive as insights out of these communities,” she added, instead of “developing research techniques to really get to know this culture.”
The 3% Conference, which supports female creative leadership at agencies, has estimated that only 11 percent of creative directors are women, even as they account for half of the industry’s work force. For black women, the field is even tougher: Last month, the Interpublic Group publicized statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission showing that fewer than 1 percent of executives in advertising, public relations and related services are black women.
advertising_agencies  women  African-Americans  Carol_Williams  Leo_Burnett  trailblazers  EEOC  Interpublic  advertising  public_relations 
april 2017 by jerryking
Pam Edstrom Burnished the Image of Bill Gates and Microsoft - WSJ
“What business problem are we trying to solve?” she often asked. She also preached brevity. “Be brief, be bright and be done,” she sometimes advised colleagues before meeting with clients.
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april 2017 by jerryking
The problem with facts
"The facts about smoking — indisputable facts, from unquestionable sources — did not carry the day. The indisputable facts were disputed."
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march 2017 by niksilver
Dealing with an Angry Public (book summary)
[Things in HoCo are not nearly as dire, but I think these six principles are worth considering.]
Susskind and Field [in *Dealing with an angry public*] warn that an angry, suspicious public will undermine American competitiveness in the global marketplace, and will undermine confidence in basic social institutions. Yet given the history of public relations, the public has a right to be angry, and to be suspicious of what public officials and business leaders have to say. .... [T]he authors develop a mutual-gains approach to dealing with the public. ....

The Mutual Gains Approach

The mutual gains approach to dealing with an angry public has six basic principles.

[1]The first principle is to try to see matters from the perspective of others, and to understand and acknowledge their concerns.

[2] Second, encourage joint fact-finding in order to generate information that will be credible to both sides.

[3] Third, "offer contingent commitments to minimize impacts if they do occur; and promise to compensate unintended but knowable effects."[p. 39]

[4] Fourth, accept responsibility for mistakes and share power with the public.

[5]Fifth, act in a trustworthy manner in order to allay suspicion and build trust with the public.

[6]Finally, focus on building long-term relationships with the public. Having described these basic principles, the authors then offer an initial illustration of the mutual gains approach using a composite case study.
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september 2016 by berendes

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