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A decentralized cooperative solution to the iterated pacifist’s dilemma game: notes in the margin of Pinker’s theory of Leviathan | SpringerLink
The current paper is heavily indebted to Steven Pinker’s theory of Leviathan. He made ingenious theoretical and historical use of the one-off prisoner’s dilemma game (= the pacifist’s dilemma game) and demonstrated how the state, as one of the most important institutions for controlling violence, solves the Hobbesian problem of anarchy. We argue, however, that centralized authoritarian solutions to the pacifist’s dilemma game continue to suffer from a few, specifiable problems that cause political violence, and citizens’ violence against one another, and that decentralized cooperative solutions to the pacifist’s dilemma game, arising from iterated solution concepts, are capable of solving these particular problems. A decentralized cooperative solution to the pacifist’s dilemma game, without the sovereign, is not only a feasible, but, also, under certain conditions, an evolutionarily stable equilibrium. There are several theoretical constructs that have reached essentially the same conclusion. These include the Folk Theorem by Robert Aumann, the theory of reciprocal altruism by Robert Trivers, and the strategic simulations and models of the evolution of cooperation by Robert Axelrod and William D. Hamilton. Constitutional democracy, based on citizens’ equal political rights and on the rule of law, incorporates some of the key logical components of the above-mentioned models of decentralized cooperation. It is not a perfect system of government, as such, but it does solve some of the key problems of political violence and instability that have plagued centralized authoritarian systems of government. The paper thus provides a new theoretical outlook upon the pacifying effects of constitutional democracy.

-- very likely a reinterpretation and rediscovery of known results
game_theory  democracy  public_goods  law  the_civilizing_process  via:pinker 
12 weeks ago by rvenkat
The Sewers of Paris and the Making of the Modern City | CBC Radio
Philip Coulter goes underground in the City of Light to visit the City of Smell. Part 1 of 2-part series.
CBC Radio · January 25
19th_century  CBC_Radio  cities  disease  herd_immunity  history  pandemics  Paris  plague  public_goods  public_health  sewage 
january 2019 by jerryking
The digital economy is disrupting our old models
Diane Coyle 14 HOURS AGO

To put it in economic jargon, we are in the territory of externalities and public goods. Information once shared cannot be unshared.

The digital economy is one of externalities and public goods to a far greater degree than in the past. We have not begun to get to grips with how to analyse it, still less to develop policies for the common good. There are two questions at the heart of the challenge: what norms and laws about property rights over intangibles such as data or ideas or algorithms are going to be needed? And what will the best balance between collective and individual actions be or, to put it another way, between government and market?
mydata  personal_data  digital_economy  Facebook  externalities  knowledge_economy  public_goods  algorithms  data  ideas  intangibles  property_rights  protocols 
april 2018 by jerryking
The PA Promise
A plan to have nearly full public funding for certain public universities.
economics  education  public_goods  private_goods  externalities  opportunity_cost 
february 2018 by cmingyar
Social Mobilization | Annual Review of Psychology

This article reviews research from several behavioral disciplines to derive strategies for prompting people to perform behaviors that are individually costly and provide negligible individual or social benefits but are meaningful when performed by a large number of individuals. Whereas the term social influence encompasses all the ways in which people influence other people, social mobilization refers specifically to principles that can be used to influence a large number of individuals to participate in such activities. The motivational force of social mobilization is amplified by the fact that others benefit from the encouraged behaviors, and its overall impact is enhanced by the fact that people are embedded within social networks. This article may be useful to those interested in the provision of public goods, collective action, and prosocial behavior, and we give special attention to field experiments on election participation, environmentally sustainable behaviors, and charitable giving.
collective_action  political_economy  public_goods  social_behavior  intervention  review  social_networks  networks  dmce  teaching  via:nyhan 
february 2018 by rvenkat
The Impact of Health on Labor Market Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from MRFIT
While economists have posited that health investments increase earnings, isolating the causal effect of health is challenging due both to reverse causality and unobserved heterogeneity. We examine the labor market effects of a randomized controlled trial, the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT), which monitored nearly 13,000 men for over six years. We find that this intervention, which provided a bundle of treatments to reduce coronary heart disease mortality, increased earnings and family income. We find few differences in estimated gains by baseline health and occupation characteristics. Reductions in serious illnesses and work-limiting disabilities likely contributed to the observed gains.
health  labor  productivity  wealth  inequality  economics  experiments  microeconomics  public_goods  for_friends  via:noa 
january 2018 by rvenkat

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