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toddmotto/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.
A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development. - toddmotto/public-apis
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yesterday by sathishpaul
The Favourite - Explaining the Ending
By the end of the film, all three women are... stuck in their own personal hell.
Abigail, who escaped her horrible marriage and a life of sexual submission is now slave to another master. “My life is like a maze I continually think I’ve gotten out of only to find another corner right in front of me,” Abigail tells her miserable new husband mid-way through the film. By the end... her life of luxuries is dependent on the queen’s favor and she remains trapped in submission; still locked in her maze of sexual servitude.
Sarah, who cared about queen and country above all else, is exiled from both. Sarah was willing to sacrifice her husband to the war if it was the necessary price, she loved her queen very literally for most of their lives, and now she is banished from her life there. Her hell is in her absence.
As for the queen, her health is rapidly degenerating and she is more or less helpless without Sarah’s stern missives to follow. Left to her own devices, Anne binges on blue cake, throwing up between bites. Left in Aibigail’s care, the queen asks what would happen if she fell asleep in her mud bath and slipped under. “Imagine it’s hot chocolate,” Abigail says. To be with Abigail is to drown and choke on your indulgences. Without Sarah to care for her, Anne really and truly is left with no one who loves her, just her rabbits — the stand-ins for her true happiness — and the very manifestation of her trauma and grief take over the screen until they multiply and are all that remain.
The  Favourite  Film  History  Public  UK  Queen  Anne  Horror  Narratology  Storytelling 
yesterday by dbourn
Local News: Chemical leak at Bainbridge Utilities prompts evacuations (12/16/18)
A serious chemical leak that recently occurred in Bainbridge is now being assessed as town officials and first responders continue to address the situation.

At about 1:39 p.m. Sunday afternoon, the Bainbridge Fire Department was toned out to a Hazmat call from municipal utilities employees, who reported that a chlorine leak had occurred near Bainbridge Town Hall.

According to Putnam County Emergency Management Director Tom Helmer, Bainbridge units quickly arrived on the scene to find that three employees had been exposed to the chemical.

Hazmat teams from Greencastle arrived on the scene at approximately 3 p.m. after the leak had been controlled shortly before. The Banner Graphic arrived shortly thereafter to acquire information on the situation.

Helmer related that about 150 to 200 people east of the Dollar General on Pat Rady Way, north of U.S. Highway 36 and along 200 East to 800 North were evacuated from their homes and businesses to the Bainbridge Fire Department to be checked out.
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yesterday by dchas
Siim Sikkut, , highlights the importance of to drive and sector…
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2 days ago by mgifford
Kerberos vs. PKI | Bryan Soliman Blog
Kerberos architecture required an ongoing administration of a central Key Distribution Center (KDC), and as such; prevents Kerberos from scaling beyond the Intranet,
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4 days ago by adamklein
Hazmat Crews Respond To Mercury Spill In Andover
ANDOVER, MA -- A hazardous materials response team was called to a building being built at 138 Haverhill Street in Andover Thursday afternoon after a reported mercury spill. According to scanner reports, the spill was classified as a Level 1 Hazmat spill, the lowest risk level in the classification of hazardous material incidents.

Several medical facilities are located at 138 Haverhill Street, including Quest Diagnostics and Andover Surgery Center.
us_MA  public  release  response  mercury 
4 days ago by dchas
Philippi Police wearing hazmat suits due to intensifying meth problem
PHILIPPI, W.Va (WDTV) - West Virginia has a drug problem and the opioid crisis is one of the most talked about.

One local police department tell us that meth is making a comeback and it's making them take extra steps to keep the community safe.

Before going into the department's evidence room, he dressed head to toe in a full hazmat suit.

"I went in to process some evidence and when I was done, I started feeling not normal," said Chief Jeff Walters.

"I won't say we're winning the war, but we're definitely winning some battles," Walters said.

They have to make sure they're covered before coming into contact with it. In his time as chief, he has never seen the meth problem so bad.

"The drugs in Philippi have gone up dramatically," he said. "I've been here for 23 years and I've not seen it like this."

"The officers will be out here booking somebody out here in our booking area and you walk by them and they actually smell like methamphetamine where it's coming out of their pores."

On top of adding the vent and suiting up, Walters says he knew something had to be done after a few minutes in the evidence room turned into an experience he'd never forget.

"My teeth went kind of numb, my lips were going numb, I got a little edgy, and at that point I knew I had a little bit of exposure."

In the end, he reminds everyone that it's all to protect the community.

"In order to be able to protect the citizens, we have to be healthy. We have to take the precautions necessary to keep us healthy."
us_WV  public  release  response  clandestine_lab 
4 days ago by dchas
Brexit 'delusions' risk putting UK into crisis, warns Ivan Rogers | Politics | The Guardian
Former UK ambassador to the EU outlines his hopes for more honest leadership during a speech in Liverpool
public  brexit  eu  europe  news  politics 
5 days ago by nikgreen
Pension Plan: How Mayor Emanuel Hopes to Confront Pension Obligations
Roosevelt's Arthur Rubloff Professor Ralph Martire weighs in on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's presentation to City Council of a road map to confront Chicago’s pension obligations.
ralph  martire;  public  policy;  roosevelt  university;  rahm  emmanuel;  Chicago; 
5 days ago by rooseveltu
Wolfville firefighters assessed after refrigerant leak
Four firefighters were taken to hospital as a precaution after a refrigerant leak in Wolfville Tuesday night.

Wolfville fire chief Todd Crowell said his department was called at about 8 p.m. to Cuts Meat Market on Main Street, almost directly across from the fire station, after someone reported smoke in the building. That smoke turned out to be the gas leaking from the refrigeration system in the basement.

The gas expanded into the upstairs, but Crowell wasn’t sure how much of the 800 pounds of refrigerant leaked before firefighters were able to shut down the system.

He said there was a failure of some sort within the system that caused the leak.

The refrigerant — known as R507 — is less potent than freon, Crowell said, but can still cause nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, severe headaches or unconsciousness if too much is inhaled.
Canada  public  release  response  hvac_chemicals 
5 days ago by dchas
Industry: TSCA 'high-priority' designation must not carry risk presumption
Industry groups throughout the supply chain have called on the US EPA to provide routine communication to the public that a high-priority designation under TSCA does not equate to a finding on that substance’s risk.

The comments come in response to the EPA’s ‘working approach’ for prioritising substances for risk evaluation, which lays out both a short- and long-term plan.

And while many of the comments focused on the agency’s plans to ‘bin’ substances on the TSCA inventory, others flagged up concerns around public perception of the prioritisation process.

The US Chamber of Commerce, for example, called on the EPA to "consistently communicate that the agency’s selection of candidate chemicals for possible review are not determinations of risk or safety."

And the Downstream Users Coalition – representing trade groups covering paper, plastic, toys, tyres and automotive equipment – agreed that its member companies and the public will benefit from such messages.

In the light of this, the coalition called for "proactive procedures to help to reduce concerns from consumers and the potential for adverse commercial effects related to premature product deselection or substitution decisions."
public  discovery  environmental 
5 days ago by dchas
Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free
Government seeks to prioritise environment and end some of world’s worst traffic congestion
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6 days ago by coldbrain

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