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Was assuming MTurk is a normal population ever not crazy?
1 hour ago by yorksranter
The alt-right is recruiting depressed people | The Outline
How neo-Nazis use Dr Jordan Peterson’s YouTube videos to funnel depressed men into their movement.
fascism  psychology  politics  youtube 
13 hours ago by avram
Attachment Styles and Close Relationships
These surveys are designed to measure your attachment style--the way you relate to others in the context of close relationships.
relationships  psychology  attachment  style  quiz 
14 hours ago by rsewan
A conversation between Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Camille Paglia
This is a one-on-one with no audience that goes on for about an hour and 45 minutes, the topics mostly having to do with different aspects of the culture wars. It's riveting. The video can be found here on YouTube:
culture-wars  society  women  men  psychology  culture  JordanPeterson 
16 hours ago by mario.d
The New York Times -- Sherry Turkle: There Will Never Be an Age of Artificial Intimacy
'...The narrative begins with the idea that companionate robots would be “better than nothing,” better because there aren’t enough people to teach, love and tend to people. But that idea quickly shifts into another: robots would be better than most anything. Unlike people, they would not abandon you or get sick and die. They might not be capable of love, but they won’t break your heart. -- From better than nothing to better than anything. These are stations on our voyage to forgetting what it means to be human. But the forgetting begins long before we have a robot companion in place; it begins when we even think of putting one in place. To build the robots, we must first rebuild ourselves as people ready to be their companions.'
psychology  toyfriends  relationalobjects  artificialintelligence  SherryTurkle  PKD 
23 hours ago by adamcrowe
The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on Things
Hugo developed a plan to beat his procrastination. He collected all of his clothes, removed them from his chambers, and locked them away. He was left with nothing to wear except a large shawl. Lacking any suitable clothing to go outdoors, Hugo was no longer tempted to leave the house and get distracted. Staying inside and writing was his only option.
productivity  procrastination  psychology  goals  writing 
yesterday by craniac
Anxious Attachment and the Anger Paradox
Your ability to forgive and let go of anger depends on your attachment style.
psychology  relationships 
yesterday by flyingcloud

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