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Dr. Reid and Agent Hotchner
Words:21.013, The BAU has hit a rocky patch, and appears to be falling apart. There is something going on with Hotch, but no one can figure it out. Cruz orders all of them to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Dr. Reid’s presence isn’t welcome by Aaron, at least not at first.
처음엔 하치가?이랬는데....이해도 가고, 둘의 러브스토리도 좋았다. 재밌는건 좀더 길었으면 좋겠다.
E_Ng714  AU  hotchner/reid  H/C  fluff  bottom!reid  top!hotchner  kate-joyner  Psychologists&Psychiatrists  first-time  rating:R  fandom:CM  length:Middle 
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au  bottom!reid  e_ng714  fandom:cm  first-time  fluff  h/c  hotchner/reid  kate-joyner  length:middle  rating:r  top!hotchner 

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