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Obsession (1949 film) - Wikipedia
A slow drip suspense thriller, a shrink who's a chemist bent on revenge, outed by a dog and cat
film  uk  england  london  psychiatrist  infidelity  murder  dog 
7 weeks ago by csrollyson
Fascinating interview with Iain McGilchrist, of "The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Bra…
author  psychiatrist  from twitter
7 weeks ago by phil_hendrix
Dr. Jeffrey M Ross MD Reviews | Santa Fe, NM |
Find great doctors at Vitals. Read ratings and reviews from other patients, get insurance information, hours and locations, and book an appointment online.
santafe  psychiatrist 
november 2018 by PBR
Toni Camp MD, About Dr. Camp
Toni Camp MD, Psychiatry, Jungian Analysis, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Santa Fe, NM
santafe  psychiatrist 
november 2018 by PBR
A Chicago cop’s daughter’s suicide sets family on mission | Feature | Chicago Reader
Story of teen's depression and suicide on Chicago's southwest side; Now parents' mission is to #endthestigma of #mental #illness #suicide
suicide  teen  daughter  chicago  police  2017  bully  junior  highschool  gun  mental  illness  depression  nami  psychiatrist  healthcare  social  worker  psychologist  casestudy  family  father  mother  stigma 
march 2018 by csrollyson
How To Grow Your Psychiatric Practice Online
In the psychiatric field, it is common to feel that it is unethical to directly market services online. However, having a presence online is essential for growing businesses and practices.
psychiatric  psychiatrist  online-marketing  online  business  practice 
september 2017 by Adventure_Web
A summary of articles and resources related to depression and antidepressants.
depression  anxiety  psychotherapy  psychiatrist  psychologist 
february 2017 by tournillon
Paul Bohn, MD, PsyD
Psychiatrist, Paul Bohn, MD, PsyD, specializing in the treatment of Anxiety and Depression using medication, cognitive behavior therapy, and psychotherapy. Psychiatry office is located in West Los Angeles.
psychiatrist  LA  personal_health  anxiety 
january 2017 by tournillon

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