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Cross our bridges when we come to them - RemainNameless
The five times Derek called the Sheriff "Dad" on accident and the first time he did it on purpose.
1:teenwolf  2:derek/stiles  ace  ptsd  psych  h/c  illness  **** 
4 weeks ago by pollipocket
"The power of behavioral science resides not in revealing what human nature is or is not...but rather who we can be…
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5 weeks ago by criener
Rec: Psych: Right Place, Wrong Time
Summary: 17-year-old Shawn has a fake ID burning a hole in his pocket, a college party to crash, and a mission to stop being the only virgin in his senior class. Unfortunately, there's this big-earred, good-doing grad student by the name of Carlton who catches him in the act. The unfair nature of cosmic humor being what it is, thus begins something that'll come back to haunt them both ten years later -- when an adult Shawn Spencer decides to give psychic investigation a try.

Rec Snippet: Dark_Dreymer’s performance is amazing. They get the voices of the characters SO RIGHT and just … I love this story and this performance. I’m always enjoying it when I re-listen to it.
psych  carlton_lassiter/shawn_spencer  momo_reccer  dark_dreymer_performer  05:00:00-07:30:00  mature  podfic 
5 weeks ago by podfic_love
Rec: Psych: The Dah-Ling series
Summary: The bad news is that one of Lassiter's highest profile arrests has just escaped from prison. The worse news is that his best hope of tracking him down is a sleep-deprived Shawn Spencer.

Rec Snippet: [personal profile] dr_fumbles_mcstupid does a great job with this enormous project! I can get lost in their performance and stay entertained for the entire eight hours that it takes to listen through both parts. I’m one of the lucky people who can listen to podfic at work, and the longer the story, the better. That’s not the only reason to endear this story to me, though.
psych  carlton_lassiter/shawn_spencer  momo_reccer  dr_fumbles_mcstupid_performer  mature  15:00:00-20:00:00  podfic 
6 weeks ago by podfic_love
In the Prison of His Days by xela-fic
Lassiter burst through the precinct doors, temper barely in check. Cops scurried to get out of his way. Shawn trailed after him congratulating himself on a case well-solved and spouting off some 'psychic' advice as if he hadn't almost been shot minutes before.
psych  shawn/lassiter  @lj  wc:long  d/s  kink  kink:bondage  kink:collars  kink:spanking 
7 weeks ago by nikkitikkitavi
Official statement from my team on announcement from President Trump regarding transgender military personnel
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8 weeks ago by criener
"The Sweep of Easy Wind" - blackchaps
John is a military prisoner under Colonel Caldwell's command. Controlled by Goa'uld technology, he is little more than a slave. Briefly stationed on Atlantis, his ATA gene is discovered by Rodney, who is a force to be reckoned with.
1:sga  2:john/rodney  h/c  slavery  homophobia  disabled  family  kidnapped  kids  mute  psych  ptsd  rape  **** 
10 weeks ago by pollipocket
"Healing Shame" Robert D. Caldwell, M.Div. (article)
'Understanding How Shame Binds Us and How to Begin to Free Ourselves' -
"Shame is the inner experience of being "not wanted." It is feeling worthless, rejected, cast-out. Guilt is believing that one has done something bad; shame is believing that one is bad. Shame is believing that one is not loved because one is not lovable. Shame always carries with it the sense that there is nothing one can do to purge its burdensome and toxic presence. Shame cannot be remedied, it must be somehow endured, absorbed, gilded, minimized or denied. Shame is so painful, so debilitating that persons develop a thousand coping strategies, conscious and unconscious, numbing and destructive, to avoid its tortures. Shame is the worst possible thing that can happen, because shame, in its profoundest meaning, conveys that one is not fit to live in one's own community."
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11 weeks ago by RunAwayRabbit

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