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6 Spiele, die mit dem PS VR Aim Controller sogar noch besser sind →…
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july 2018 by NewWonder
I frequently find it difficult to find the energy to play my PSVR. Anybody experience something similar? : PSVR
Upvoted: While I know it really isn’t, it just seems like the setup and process of getting going take too much time. I always enjoy while playing, but I definitely have to be in the right mood. Sometimes it almost feels like a second job or something that I have to pump myself up to do. It just doesn’t feel like a relaxing experience frequently and it bums me out cuz I love VR, it’s just hard to get myself to do it.This is a totally a first world problem but I’m curious if others have experienced something comparable. via /r/PSVR
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july 2018 by lepht
Anyone else ever too lazy to play vr after a long day? : PSVR
Upvoted: After a long day of work/working out i feel to lazy to play vr, or at-least first I do, the thought of setting it up, with rocket league i would play whenever, but now i have to think twice before getting on after a long day, i just got the vr last week and I already feel like this lol, anyone else? via /r/PSVR
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january 2018 by lepht

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