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psqlrc : psql startup file for postgres
Good psql configuration file. Works for bash and Windows.
PostgreSQL  Pl/PgSQL  psql  Confguration 
5 weeks ago by lost_in_space
Customizing My Postgres Shell
\set QUIET 1
\pset null '¤'

\set PROMPT1 '%[%033[1m%][%/] # '
-- SELECT * FROM<enter>. %R shows what type of input it expects.
\set PROMPT2 '... > '


\x auto
\set VERBOSITY verbose
\set HISTFILE ~/.psql_history- :DBNAME
\set HISTCONTROL ignoredups
\unset QUIET
postgres  cli  database  psql  config 
5 weeks ago by danhodos
Creating user, database and adding access on PostgreSQL
psql=# grant all privileges on database <dbname> to <username> ;
psql  postgresql 
7 weeks ago by avermeulen
How to use PostgreSQL to streamline Python code |
Well-designed PostgreSQL queries can replace many lines of Python code
psql  postgres 
10 weeks ago by dtg
Perl Advent Calendar 2017 - Quickly Building DBIx::Class Schemas
Nice article, includes building a database using psql. Creating DBIx schema using CLI, and testing the schema with Fixtures.
Perl  Advent  DBIx  PostgreSQL  psql  Fixtures  Testing 
12 weeks ago by lost_in_space

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