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I feel hopeless, rejected, and a burden on society – one week of empathy training – Terence Eden’s Blog
10 digit account number. But Thames have upgraded me to a 12 digit number - so their own form doesn't work!
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18 days ago by delold
Web Scraping and Crawling Are Perfectly Legal, Right?
In this post, you'll find out more on the legal aspect of web scraping and crawling, and what possible consequences you might face.
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18 days ago by delold
: fake pic circulating of "chemical burns" h/t cc
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7 weeks ago by matthewog
for subscribers. You might want to (re)watch these soon
1. Corpse Bride
2. Inherent Vic…
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11 weeks ago by vemana
: Tomorrow, if you want to know the legit results, please go to this website and keep refreshing it once in a w…
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12 weeks ago by kamal

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