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A reverse proxy that provides authentication with Google, Github or other provider
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9 weeks ago by angusm
Using Actions in Redux the Correct Way
The ES6 standard introduced Proxies, which act kind of like the Proxies you know from the internet. Previously, JS had no way to apply some logic when accessing an object's properties. With ES6 Proxies, you have a standard JS object (called target) and can create a Proxy out of it. You specify a handler function that gets called everytime proxy.someProperty gets called.

In our Redux Actions setting, if ACTIONS.fetchPostsRequest, ACTIONS.fetchPostsFailure, ACTIONS.fetchPostsSuccess gets accessed, we want to route the access to the corresponding property of the target object, otherwise we want to throw an error. For that, in the handler function we check if the key that gets accessed exists or not via Object.hasOwnProperty. The code is pretty self-explanatory.
react  redux  proxies  actions 
august 2017 by tulbox
That One Privacy Site
A resource for everything about online privacy.
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june 2017 by Puddingstone

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