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Policyfile.rb — Chef Docs
A Policyfile is an optional way to manage role, environment, and community cookbook data with a single document that is uploaded to the Chef server. The file is associated with a group of nodes, cookbooks, and settings. When these nodes perform a Chef client run, they utilize recipes specified in the Policyfile run-list.
chef  devops  provisioning 
21 days ago by bsantanna
Welcome — AWS Cloud Development Kit
CloudFormation alternative, in JavaScript and TypeScript
aws  cloud  deployment  javascript  typescript  provisioning 
4 weeks ago by mojodna
“Imaging is dead!” Now what? — Part 3 | Blog | Jamf
Regardless of the company culture, organizational structure or educational environment, these workflows and tools can aid in drastically reducing the downtime it’ll take to switch from monolithic imaging and help provide a more efficient deployment strategy in the long run.
apfs  imaging  jamf  macos  management  provisioning 
7 weeks ago by dlkinney
“Imaging is dead!” Now what? — Part 2 | Blog | Jamf
For the example below, we will be deploying a non-Mac App Store app and a policy that contains a setting. You can use these templates for every other item you wish to deploy, though some you may want to leave out the “Self Service Policy” as it may only be necessary to deploy once at time of provisioning.
apfs  imaging  jamf  macos  management  provisioning 
7 weeks ago by dlkinney
“Imaging is dead!” Now what? — Part 1 | Blog | Jamf
For quite some time, there have been whispers that “imaging is dead.” Neat. That’s either all fine and dandy, or the scariest three words an IT admin ever wishes to hear. The questions remain…but what do I do instead? How much work is it going to take to transition into another workflow? Where am I going to find the time to test this all and build out so many more processes? Do you understand that I’m the only IT admin and I’m already busy doing everything else? I’ve been doing monolithic imaging for decades! Monolithic just works. All very valid points. Imaging as we know it has changed with the introduction of APFS (Apple “proprietary” File System). Fret not, for if you’re a Jamf Pro user, you have already worked with the necessary processes and workflows needed to create a new and more efficient provisioning process at your organization, both businesses and schools alike!
imaging  macos  jamf  provisioning  apfs  management 
7 weeks ago by dlkinney
Site Provisioning | Microsoft Docs
Great description of guidance in choosing site types.
PnP  Provisioning 
8 weeks ago by dremillard
SharePoint site design and site script overview | Microsoft Docs
Use site designs and site scripts to automate provisioning new or existing modern SharePoint sites that use your own custom configurations.
SharePoint  Provisioning  Modern 
8 weeks ago by dremillard

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