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Create a Remote Mailbox: Exchange 2010 Help
Get-User -RecipientTypeDetails User -Filter { Name -eq 'User Name' } | Enable-RemoteMailbox -RemoteRoutingAddress
office365  hybrid  provision  user 
june 2018 by sphere2k
RT : Aadhaar keeps elderly woman starving

In the absence of an , the control dealer refuses me that…
provision  Aadhaar  from twitter
may 2018 by vimoh
Studio in beliebter Lage Bürofläche München (2JXCE4R)
und plötzlich, ein paar Tage später wird dann doch eine Provision eingefügt. Manchmal, gaaaaaanz selten ist Google doch für was gut. Jetzt habe ich ein 📸 am 👨‍💻 gemacht. (dabei leuchtet der Apfel bei den aktuellen MacBooks gar nicht mehr)
neuesdomizil  Provision  immowelt 
march 2018 by akawee
PHP 5.6 error on vagrant provision · Issue #625 · laravel/homestead
vagrant destroy && rm -rf .vagrant && vagrant up

This is actually a missing step from Laravel's Homestead, updating vagrant box documentation. Know that it will delete all your databases so back them up.
github  forum  laravel  homestead  issue  php-fpm  service  provision  vagrant  box  destroy  howto  troubleshoot  guide  reference 
february 2018 by racl101
Provisioning "modern" team sites programmatically | Microsoft Docs
Sites are not listed in the SharePoint Admin UI / Tenant API

"Modern" team sites are not visible in the SharePoint Admin UI. You can access the list of "modern" team sites from the Office 365 groups Admin user interface under the Office 365 Admin portal. The SharePoint Online Admin user interface only lists "classic" SharePoint sites. This same limitation does not apply to the tenant API; you can use this API to enumerate "modern" team sites together with "classic" team sites. To obtain a list of only "modern" team sites, you can use the Groups end point from the Microsoft Graph API.
spfx  provision  modern  sites  graph_api 
november 2017 by pdemro
ssh - How do I add my own public key to Vagrant VM? - Stack Overflow
config.vm.provision "file", source: "~/.ssh/", destination: "~/.ssh/authorized_keys"
vagrant  ssh  key  provision  provisioning 
november 2017 by dza
RackHD™ — RackHD 2.0 documentation
RackHD is a technology stack for enabling automated hardware management and orchestration through cohesive APIs
provision  baremetal  orchestration 
july 2017 by jrisch

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