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Machine Learning Version Control System
Open-source Version Control System for Data Science Projects.
An alternative to git-lfs and similar, this allows for version control of large data files that are stored elsewhere (like S3 or just SSH into a server somewhere). Also has functionality for provenance and tracking of command inputs/outputs for reproducing experiments, which I don't totally understand but might be interesting.
versioncontrol  git  datascience  via:smmaurer  provenance 
22 days ago by npdoty
stathissideris/positano: Provenance system for Clojure code
Provenance system for Clojure code. Contribute to stathissideris/positano development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojure  provenance 
24 days ago by mac
FREYA is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project aims to build the infrastructure for persistent identifiers as a core component of open science, in the EU and globally. via Pocket
europe  h2020  identity  infrastructure  provenance  reconcile 
november 2018 by kintopp
Image Provenance Analysis at Scale
—Prior art has shown it is possible to estimate, through
image processing and computer vision techniques, the types and
parameters of transformations that have been applied to the
content of individual images to obtain new images. Given a
large corpus of images and a query image, an interesting further
step is to retrieve the set of original images whose content is
present in the query image, as well as the detailed sequences
of transformations that yield the query image given the original
images. This is a problem that recently has received the name
of image provenance analysis. In these times of public media
manipulation (e.g., fake news and meme sharing), obtaining the
history of image transformations is relevant for fact checking
and authorship verification, among many other applications.
This article presents an end-to-end processing pipeline for image
provenance analysis, which works at real-world scale. It employs
a cutting-edge image filtering solution that is custom-tailored for
the problem at hand, as well as novel techniques for obtaining the
provenance graph that expresses how the images, as nodes, are
ancestrally connected. A comprehensive set of experiments for
each stage of the pipeline is provided, comparing the proposed
solution with state-of-the-art results, employing previously published
datasets. In addition, this work introduces a new dataset
of real-world provenance cases from the social media site Reddit,
along with baseline results.
provenance  medifor 
october 2018 by bmdmc
Provenance filtering for multimedia phylogeny
Departing from traditional digital forensics modeling, which seeks to
analyze single objects in isolation, multimedia phylogeny analyzes
the evolutionary processes that influence digital objects and collections
over time. One of its integral pieces is provenance filtering,
which consists of searching a potentially large pool of objects for the
most related ones with respect to a given query, in terms of possible
ancestors (donors or contributors) and descendants. In this paper,
we propose a two-tiered provenance filtering approach to find all the
potential images that might have contributed to the creation process
of a given query q. In our solution, the first (coarse) tier aims to find
the most likely “host” images — the major donor or background —
contributing to a composite/doctored image. The search is then refined
in the second tier, in which we search for more specific (potentially
small) parts of the query that might have been extracted from
other images and spliced into the query image. Experimental results
with a dataset containing more than a million images show that the
two-tiered solution underpinned by the context of the query is highly
useful for solving this difficult task.
provenance  medifor 
october 2018 by bmdmc
From Farm to Blockchain: Walmart Tracks Its Lettuce - The New York Times
Wal-mart will be moving its lettuce and spinach supply chain onto a blockchain system supplied by IBM. Lost in the detail: the 'blockchain' will live entirely on IBM's servers - so in other words, this is actually what we in Silicon Valley call a 'database'.
archive  technology  blockchain  provenance  supply_chain 
october 2018 by lorenzowood
Fukushima’s nuclear signature found in California wine - MIT Technology Review
The Japanese nuclear disaster bathed north America in a radioactive cloud. Now pharmacologists have found the telltale signature in California wine made at the time.
radiation  wine  provenance  fukushima 
july 2018 by hockendougal
How Financial Products Drive Today’s Art World
July 20, 2018 | The New York Times | By Scott Reyburn.

How does one invest in art without going through the complications of buying and owning an actual artwork?

That is the question behind financial products for investors attracted by soaring art prices but intimidated by the complexity and opacity of the market..... entrepreneurs are trying to iron out the archaic inefficiencies of the art world with new types of financial products, particularly the secure ledgers of blockchain...... “More transparency equals more trust, more trust equals more transactions, more transactions equals stronger markets,” Anne Bracegirdle, a specialist in the photographs department at Christie’s, said on Tuesday at the auction house’s first Art & Tech Summit, dedicated to exploring blockchain......blockchain’s decentralized record-keeping could create a “more welcoming art ecosystem” in which collectors and professionals routinely verify the authenticity, provenance and ownership of artworks on an industrywide registry securely situated in the cloud...... blockchain has already proved to be a game-changer in one important area of growth, according to those at the Christie’s event: art in digital forms.

“Digital art is a computer file that can be reproduced and redistributed infinitely. Where’s the resale value?”.....For other art and technology experts, “tokenization” — using the value of an artwork to underpin tradable digital tokens — is the way forward. “Blockchain represents a huge opportunity for the size of the market,” said Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia, founder of Look Lateral, a start-up looking to generate cryptocurrency trading in fractions of artworks.

“I see more transactions,” added Mr. Savoia, who pointed out that tokens representing a percentage of an artwork could be sold several times a year. “The crypto world will bring huge liquidity.”......the challenge for tokenization ventures such as Look Lateral is finding works of art of sufficient quality to hold their value after being exposed to fractional trading. The art market puts a premium on “blue chip” works that have not been overtraded, and these tend to be bought by wealthy individuals, not by fintech start-ups.....UTA Brant Fine Art Fund, devised by the seasoned New York collector Peter Brant and the United Talent Agency in Los Angeles.

The fund aims to invest $250 million in “best-in-class” postwar and contemporary works,...Noah Horowitz, in his 2011 primer, “Art of the Deal: Contemporary Art in a Global Financial Market,”.... funds, tokenization and even digital art are all investments that don’t give investors anything to hang on their walls.

“We should never forget that in the center of it all is artists,”
art  artists  art_advisory  art_authentication  art_finance  auctions  authenticity  best_of  blockchain  blue-chips  books  Christie's  collectors  conferences  contemporary_art  digital_artifacts  end_of_ownership  fin-tech  game_changers  investing  investors  opacity  post-WWII  provenance  scarcity  tokenization  collectibles  replication  alternative_investments  crypto-currencies  digital_currencies  currencies  virtual_currencies  metacurrencies  art_market  fractional_ownership  primers 
july 2018 by jerryking

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