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Maze | Analytics for your InVision prototype.
Инструмент для быстрого тестирования прототипов
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28 days ago by gevorg - UI Sound Kit
Набор звуков для использования в интерфейсах. Платный.
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4 weeks ago by gevorg
Sound Kit for Prototypes | Facebook Design
Сборник звуков для создания прототипов в Origami и Framer
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4 weeks ago by gevorg
How To Make A Game: Playtesting Advice From Game Designers | Geek and Sundry
So you've designed a game. You had a great idea, come up with some rules, and you even made a prototype. Now you're ready to launch a Kickstarter and make a
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april 2018 by basemaly
Excited by the latest news platform? Build three — yes, three—prototypes to test it first
When you’re just building one thing, you’ll want to make it perfect. Building two things is definitely a grind, so you’ll end up putting 75 percent of your effort into the idea you like better. But when you have to build three prototypes, all those excuses go out the window. You don’t have time to focus on your favorite, and no one’s expecting you to come up with something production-ready.
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april 2018 by sentinelle

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