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Print your card games and create your own cards for popular card games.
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19 days ago by futurelevel
Samantha Bee Unveils This Is Not a Game: The Game App on Full Frontal – Rolling Stone
Samantha Bee unveiled her new civic engagement comedy trivia app, “This Is Not a Game: The Game,” on Wednesday’s Full Frontal, aiming to increase voter turnout before the 2018 midterm elections by incentivizing political knowledge. In the pre-filmed segment, the host showed the product’s development from concept to prototype to finished product.
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5 weeks ago by basemaly
Prototyping Pasts and Futures
An offering in the Technology and Society minor at UVic, this course is about the entanglement of Western technologies with society and culture. We'll examine some histories of these entanglements, discuss their effects today, and also speculate about their trajectories. One important question will persist throughout the term: How can and should we intervene in technologies as practices? Rather than treating technologies as tools we use or objects we examine from the outside, we'll prototype with and through them as modes of inquiry. You'll turn patents into 3-D forms, compose and implement use scenarios, "datify" old tech, and imagine a device you want to see in the world. You'll document your research and development process along the way, reflect on what you learned, present your prototypes and findings, and also build a vocabulary of keywords for technology and society. I will not assume that you're familiar with fields such as science and technology studies, media studies, critical design, or experimental art, and the prototyping exercises will rely on low-tech approaches. Technical competency required: know how to send an email.
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6 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
Maze | Analytics for your InVision prototype.
Инструмент для быстрого тестирования прототипов
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july 2018 by gevorg - UI Sound Kit
Набор звуков для использования в интерфейсах. Платный.
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july 2018 by gevorg
Sound Kit for Prototypes | Facebook Design
Сборник звуков для создания прототипов в Origami и Framer
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july 2018 by gevorg

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