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Getting many poorly targeted e-mails from recruiters?
Just answer that you want to remote work.
You can ex…
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11 days ago by abolibibelot
RT : Anyone claiming to be an "alpha male" (or female) is certainly another term which begins with 'a' and ends…
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21 days ago by 1stvamp
How to Retire in Your 30s With $1 Million in the Bank - The New York Times
Fed up with their high-pressure jobs, some millennials are quitting and embracing the FIRE movement. (It stands for financial independence, retire early).
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22 days ago by essjaybee
f.lux: software to make your life better
Mojave : You can use f.lux to automatically turn on dark mode at sunset and light mode at sunrise.
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23 days ago by kohlmannj
Be Better at Parties - Smarter living Guides - The New York Times
People love to party! Well, at least some of them do. For the rest of us, parties bring on waves of feelings, good and bad, much like the events themselves. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about being the hit of the party.
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29 days ago by essjaybee
si tu veux faire buzzer facilement ton nouveau projet, case ou équivalent dans ton annonce. (Je re…
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5 weeks ago by bperrier
If your elected reps are too scared to get behind but have been vocal about Trump not “honoring…
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7 weeks ago by jeremyisweary
RT : Google scholar : (1) create a personal page, and do minimal curation (put picture, link to webpage,merge du…
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8 weeks ago by wspr
: If you're executing a long running script in on Mac OS X, add "; open -a Terminal" at the end and your Ter…
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8 weeks ago by cnu
follow, like, and RT a local band even if you aren’t huge into their music. It might help them be discovere…
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12 weeks ago by andriak
on how not to be a creep: don’t try to have a conversation with the woman at the pump next to you at a dark…
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june 2018 by tswicegood
RT : Did you know that you can exploit shellshock via telnet (user arg), try with:

telnet -l "() {…
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june 2018 by blackthorne
Did you know that you can exploit shellshock via telnet (user arg), try with:

telnet -l "() {…
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june 2018 by mikeflynn

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