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In Hong Kong, Employees Hide Their Political Leanings as Beijing Forces Companies to Take Sides
The “perimeters and pliability of the ‘one country, two systems’ framework” has been tested in recent months, with mainland officials “taking a more public stance on Hong Kong affairs than at any time since the 1997 handover,” Fitch said in its press release.
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The Economic Crisis and the Protest Movement in Iran: One Year after the Renewal of Sanctions | INSS
As expected, the renewal of economic sanctions against Iran one year ago led to a worsening of an already bad economic situation in Iran. A number of economic indexes attest to the severity of the economic crisis, mainly the budget deficit stemming from the unprecedented drop in the export of Iranian oil, high inflation, and negative economic growth. In contrast, a number of indexes may also suggest that the Iranian economy is gradually acclimating to the sanctions regime. The deepening economic crisis has heightened the sense of frustration among the public, but thus far has not led to an increase in unrest. On the contrary, in the past year, the scope of popular demonstrations has ebbed significantly. In the final analysis, despite the economic crisis and the rising public despair, it seems that the Iranian regime is managing to withstand the American sanctions, and there is even a possibility of a slight economic improvement in the coming year. As long as the Iranian regime feels that it can hold out over time and that the economic crisis does not pose a serious threat to its stability, Supreme Leader Khamenei’s position of not responding to the demands of the American government will likely be strengthened.
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Real-time maps warn Hong Kong protesters of police • Quartz
Mary Hui:
<p>One of the most widely used real-time maps of the protests is <a href=""></a>, a volunteer-run and crowdsourced effort that officially launched in early August. It’s a dynamic map of Hong Kong that users can zoom in and out of, much like Google Maps. But in addition to detailed street and building names, this one features various emoji to communicate information at a glance: a dog for police, a worker in a yellow hardhat for protesters, a dinosaur for the police’s black-clad special tactical squad, a white speech-bubble for tear gas, two exclamation marks for danger.

<img src="" width="100%" />
<em>HKMap during a protest on August 31, 2019</em>

Founded by a finance professional in his 20s and who only wished to be identified as Kuma, HKMap is an attempt to level the playing field between protesters and officers, he said in an interview over chat app Telegram. While earlier on in the protest movement people relied on text-based, on-the-ground  live updates through public Telegram channels, Kuma found these to be too scattered to be effective, and hard to visualize unless someone knew the particular neighborhood inside out.

“The huge asymmetric information between protesters and officers led to multiple occasions of surround and capture,” said Kuma. Passersby and non-frontline protesters could also make use of the map, he said, to avoid tense conflict zones. After some of his friends were arrested in late July, he decided to build HKMap.</p>
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Exclusive: Amid crisis, China rejected Hong Kong plan to appease protesters - sources - Reuters
Earlier this summer, Carrie Lam, the chief executive of Hong Kong, submitted a report to Beijing that assessed protesters' five key demands and found that withdrawing a contentious extradition bill could help defuse the mounting political crisis in the territory.
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White and Native Protests: A Study in Inequality - Los Angeles Review of Books
"Our History Is the Future Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance By Nick Estes Published 03.05.2019 Verso 320 Pages Shadowlands Fear and Freedom at the Oregon Standoff By Anthony McCann Published 07.02.2019 Bloomsbury Publishing 448 Pages"
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A Walk In Hong Kong (Idle Words)
“It’s okay,” I tell them. “This is normal. I’m not dying—I’m Polish.” They edge away.

This sounds like it shouldn’t possibly work, but the protesters are too young to know that it can’t work, so it works.

Hong Kong protests have better medical care than any place in America, I think, in another of those little culture shock moments that keep lifting me out of the situation.
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