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Colin Kaepernick Won His Settlement With the NFL - The Atlantic
It doesn’t matter how much he made from the settlement announced on Friday; he bested the league.
Technically, Colin Kaepernick withdrew his collusion case. Technically, the NFL did not admit it conspired to blackball Kaepernick from the league after he began taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. But non-technically speaking, the NFL lost. Massively.
The terms of the settlement, announced on Friday, were not disclosed. But it doesn’t matter how much money Kaepernick ultimately receives from the NFL; what matters is that he bested a league that has a long history of pummeling its opposition in court, especially players.
In a way the NFL had no other choice. Last August, arbitrator Stephen Burbank rejected the NFL’s request to have the case dismissed. That meant he believed Kaepernick’s team had compiled enough receipts to present their case. With another hearing reportedly scheduled for next month, did the NFL really want to let Kaepernick’s legal team expose those receipts in court?
Of course not.
Owners and coaches already had given depositions in Kaepernick’s case and the details that emerged from those proceedings did not look good for the NFL.
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Europe Climate Change Protests: Teenage Girls Organize Mass School Walkouts And Protests
Students are going on strike around the world to demand action on climate change, in a movement led almost entirely by teenage girls.
LONDON — A huge student protest movement led almost exclusively by teenage girls and young women is sweeping Europe, and it's on the brink of breaking through in the US.
So far this year, tens of thousands of high school–age students in Belgium, Germany, and Sweden have boycotted class and protested against climate change. The loose movement’s inspiration, a 16-year-old girl who began a solitary picket last year outside the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, has compared the protests to the March for Our Lives movement organized by the Parkland teens in the wake of a shooting at their school that left 17 dead.
In the latest mass climate strikes, large crowds took to the streets in The Hague on Thursday, in the largest such protest in the Netherlands so far. The teens leading the climate strike across the border in Belgium were in Leuven, the country’s eighth-largest city, where they told BuzzFeed News they had 12,000 people on the streets in one of many actions across the country.
A climate march last weekend in the Belgian capital, Brussels, drew more than 100,000 people, and one of the country’s environment ministers resigned this week after falsely claiming intelligence services had told her the protests were a plot against her.
The protests are injecting a new urgency into the debate around climate change, and calling attention to a lack of action by governments. They are also a sign of the new political power of young women, especially in Europe. Climate strikes have also been organized by students in Australia, and US organizers are planning to participate in an international day of action on March 15.
Jamie Margolin, the 17-year-old founder and executive director of Zero Hour, a group working on the March 15 protest in the US, told BuzzFeed News that climate activism has given young women like her a chance to be heard.
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From the archive: Bayview Hunters Point Community Support S.F. State Strike | December, 1968 - YouTube
"KQED news footage from December 4, 1968 featuring the African American community of Bayview Hunters Point at San Francisco State College, supporting the Black Students Union and Third World Liberation Front in their efforts to establish a college of Ethnic Studies.

Includes scenes of Eloise Westbrook and Ruth Williams speaking to enthusiastic crowds. Westbrook emphasizes that: "I want you to know I'm a black woman, I'm a mother and I have 15 grandchildren. And I want a college that I can be proud of! ... I only have but one life to give children, when I die I'm dead. And you'd better believe it. But I'm dying for the rights of people." Williams exclaims: "I'm from the ghetto community and at the sound of my voice, when I rise up just about the masses of Hunters Point rises up too! So I am, I am supporting the Black Students Union, the World Liberation group 100 per cent!"

There are also views of Adam Rogers and Sylvester Brown marching with students on campus and standing with other community leaders like Dr. Carlton Goodlett, Rev. Cecil Williams, Ron Dellums and a young Danny Glover.

Part of the KQED collection of the Bay Area TV Archive at SF State University: "
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Sick Woman Theory – Mask Magazine
Compare Rachel’s experience at the hands of the medical establishment with that of Kam Brock’s. In September 2014, Brock, a 32-year-old black woman, born in Jamaica and living in New York City, was driving a BMW when she was pulled over by the police. They accused her of driving under the influence of marijuana, and though her behavior and their search of her car yielded nothing to support this, they nevertheless impounded her car. According to a lawsuit brought against the City of New York and Harlem Hospital by Brock, when Brock appeared the next day to retrieve her car she was arrested by the police for behaving in a way that she calls “emotional,” and involuntarily hospitalized in the Harlem Hospital psych ward. (As someone who has also been involuntarily hospitalized for behaving “too” emotionally, this story feels like a rip of recognition through my brain.) The doctors thought she was “delusional” and suffering from bipolar disorder, because she claimed that Obama followed her on twitter – which was true, but which the medical staff failed to confirm. She was then held for eight days, forcibly injected with sedatives, made to ingest psychiatric medication, attend group therapy, and stripped. The medical records of the hospital – obtained by her lawyers – bear this out: the “master treatment plan” for Brock’s stay reads, “Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter.” It notes her “inability to test reality.” Upon her release, she was given a bill for $13,637.10.
The question of why the hospital’s doctors thought Brock “delusional” because of her Obama-follow claim is easily answered: Because, according to this society, a young black woman can’t possibly be that important – and for her to insist that she is must mean she’s “sick.”
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Меня вербуют. Что делать? 14 правил от правозащитной группы «Агора» — Meduza
4. Не теряйте самообладания
Вам могут задавать одни и те же вопросы много раз. Напоминайте, что вы уже ответили. Главное — общаться вежливо и корректно: без угроз и оскорблений. Не настраивайте сотрудников против себя, не давайте повода привлечь вас к ответственности за оскорбление представителя власти или неповиновение его законным требованиям. Эмоции сотрудника, осуществляющего вербовку (гнев, раздражение, сочувствие), — тщательно подготовленный «спектакль». Он нужен для того, чтобы вывести вас из состояния равновесия и склонить к сотрудничеству. Важно помнить об этом и относиться ко всему происходящему как к театральному представлению. Это поможет сохранить самообладание.

6. Ни в коем случае не приходите на встречу «из любопытства»
Если вас вызывают «на беседу», помните: нет такого процессуального действия, как «беседа». «Вручайте повестку, я приду с адвокатом» — ваш ответ должен быть таким. Право оперативных сотрудников на проведение опроса не предполагает вашу обязанность соглашаться на такой опрос. Ответственности за отказ от опроса не существует.

10. Не верьте сотрудникам — их слова и обещания ничего не стоят
Важно понимать — те, кто пытается вас завербовать, преследуют свои служебные цели. Они вам не друзья. Не стоит обольщаться насчет своей ценности и порядочности сотрудников. С вами могут общаться очень вежливо, но когда вы перестанете приносить пользу или сотрудникам срочно потребуется «палка», «раскрытие», «показатель», вас могут «слить». С момента задержания с вами могут вести оперативную игру, предъявлять документы, составленные на коленке, чтобы напугать вас и склонить к сотрудничеству. Нужно досконально изучить эти документы, запомнить фамилии людей, которые могли их составлять, звания, обстоятельства, которые могут быть там указаны.
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Who are the gilets jaunes and what do they want? | World news | The Guardian
The first 18 months of Macron’s presidency were defined by his drive for businesses to become more competitive; he cut taxes on companies and transformed France’s wealth tax, easing the tax burden on the very wealthy.

He is now under pressure to consider the gilets jaunes’ demands, and to that end the government executed a U-turn on 5 December when it scrapped the fuel tax rise, one day after announcing a six-month freeze on the policy.
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