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✢ A Programmer in Q-Branch
"His name was Oliver, he was a programmer in Q branch, he had no access to classified files. Sherlock Holmes is contacted by his elder brother. The Quartermaster of MI6 has been abducted, and Mycroft is insistent that Sherlock finds him. Sherlock, John, and a rather overzealous 00 agent, attempt to find him before Q shatters." (32,108 words) John/Sherlock established, Q/Bond preslash
  q(bond)  james_bond  sherlock_holmes  john_watson  mycroft_holmes  jim_moriarty  q/bond  john/sherlock  smart!q  bamf!q  hacker!q  holmes!q  hurt!q  kidnapped!q  tortured!q  ptsd!q  protective!bond  smart!sherlock  protective!johnwatson  protective!mycroft  action  hurt/comfort  spies/assassins  kidnapping  torture  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  recovery  permanent!injury  preslash  crossover  fandom:bond  fandom:sherlock  author:jen  have:pdf 
january 2017 by elwarre
The World on His Wrist
First, he is shot in Afghanistan. Second, he wakes to a phone call in Chelmsford, Essex. Third is pain, fourth is normalcy, fifth is agony and sixth is confusion. By the eighth, he's lost track. (John-centric AU)
fandom:sherlock  Character:JohnWatson  character:sherlockholmes  character:mycroftHolmes  Pairing:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  theme:dimensiontravel  genre:au  genre:violence  genre:romance  protective!johnwatson  rating:nc-17  theme:HiddenIdentity 
january 2012 by angsty_lia
Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme: Before shoving him in the explosive vest, Moriarty fucked John, viciously. John makes it through the whole encounter with Moriarty and Homles via his own badass soldier nerves of steel, but afterwards, when he and Sherlock are admitted to the hospital for minor burns and abrasions and shock, the hospital staff find other injuries on John.
slash  rating:nc-17  character:moriarty  character:mycroftHolmes  character:Lestrade  character:sherlockholmes  Character:JohnWatson  protective!sherlockholmes  bmaf!johnwaston  hurt!johnwatson  protective!lestrade  genre:hurt-comfort  protective!johnwatson  Pairing:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  author:blind-author  sociopath!sherlockholmes  warning:non-con 
october 2011 by angsty_lia

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action  author:blind-author  author:jen  bamf!q  bmaf!johnwaston  character:johnwatson  character:lestrade  character:moriarty  character:mycroftholmes  character:sherlockholmes  clinic/hospital  crossover  escape/rescue  fandom:bond  fandom:sherlock  genre:au  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:romance  genre:violence  hacker!q  have:pdf  holmes!q  hurt!johnwatson  hurt!q  hurt/comfort  james_bond  jim_moriarty  john/sherlock  john_watson  kidnapped!q  kidnapping  mycroft_holmes  noncon/dubcon  pairing:johnwatson/sherlockholmes  permanent!injury  preslash  protective!bond  protective!lestrade  protective!mycroft  protective!sherlockholmes  ptsd!q  ptsd  q/bond  q(bond)  rating:nc-17  recovery  sherlock_holmes  slash  smart!q  smart!sherlock  sociopath!sherlockholmes  spies/assassins  theme:dimensiontravel  theme:hiddenidentity  torture  tortured!q  warning:non-con   

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