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SET DRMDBBACKUPEXPIREDAYS (Specify DB backup series expiration)
Set DRMDBBackupexpiredays days
delete volhistory type=dbbackup todate=today-0
remove  delete  expire  tsm  spectrum  protect  sp  db  database  backups 
7 weeks ago by theskett
Protect Your Instagram (and Facebook) Account - YouTube
Lead Generation Source FB Group: FB went on an account banning spree last week. For many, this MIGHT be related to someone hacking your Instagram account. This is how you can quickly make it harder for someone to steal your account and prevent the Facebook ban! Join the Lead Generation Source FB Group for more online marketing tips:
Protect  Your  Instagram  (and  Facebook)  Account 
february 2019 by littlebizresources
State of Ohio | IBM
The Ohio Department of Administrative Services Office of Information Technology (DAS-OIT) provides IT managed services to state agencies across 88 counties. To ensure data is always available, the department deployed IBM® Spectrum Protect™ Plus solution to simplify protection of virtual machines (VMs), accelerating recovery and boosting efficiency.
state  of  ohio  spectrum  protect  plus  spp 
february 2019 by theskett

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