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Technische Universität Wien : Neuartiger Rollstuhl: Besserer Antrieb durch Kurbeln
handcranks optimized for arm motion, for smoother propulsion and not getting your hands caught up in the wheels
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8 days ago by asteroza
Two-Stage-to-Orbit Transporting System Combining Microwave Rocket and Microwave Thermal Rocket for Small Satellite Launch
Mirabo's air breathing laser lightcraft used lasers to ignite air plasma, this is proposing something similar using microwaves for a rocket booster stage, then beamed microwave thermal for the second stage.

Notable here is the determination that you can cheat the trajectory to favor a higher altitude initial vertical boost, take the gravity loss hit during a cold coast to the second beam director LoS, then have a longer second stage beamed thermal burn. Allegedly 3x payload compared to a UAV air drop launch to a single beam director site?

But how does a common microwave beam work here for first and second stages? Is the first beaming site only a pulsed microwave system? Does microwave PDE even work with continuous wave microwaves?
pulsejet  microwave  pulse  detonation  engine  PDE  rocket  thermal  beamed  propulsion  space  research  technology  japan 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Polymath: Beamed propulsion doable now, and with it space solar power.
microLED's have parallel but non-coherent output, which may be servicable for use as a light beam source for beamed propulsion, aka laser launch
microLED  noncoherent  light  source  beamed  power  propulsion  space  research  technology  laser 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
Microwave Rocket Team | Komurasaki Lab., UT, Japan.
Looking at laser/microwave beam powered air breathing pulsejet propulsion, which may be attractive as an SRB booster replacement for ground launch.
airbreathing  pulsejet  ground  launch  microwave  laser  beamed  propulsion  research  technology  space  rocket  engine 
10 weeks ago by asteroza

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