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Deputy Solicitor: Northern Pass’ Tax Breaks Not So Great for Concord Property Owners |
Under cross-examination from Concord’s Deputy City Solicitor Danielle Pacik, Northern Pass tax expert Dr. Lisa Shapiro conceded that Concord residents who own a home assessed at $100,000 would see a $20 reduction in their tax bill in the first year of operation.
InDepthNH  concord  propertytax  shapiro 
july 2017 by northernpass
Durham officials oppose utility valuation bill | New Hampshire
Officials in the town of Durham predict they will lose millions of dollars in tax revenues if a house bill designed to change the way utility companies are valued is passed.
UnionLeader  tax  property  propertytax  durham 
january 2017 by eversourcenh
Northern Pass offers property tax valuation floor to selectmen - Berlin Reporter
Three representatives of the proposed Northern Pass Transmission project — community relations expert Kathleen Lewis, engineering manager Sam Johnson, and North Country liaison Scott Mason — spent about an hour on Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, at the board of selectmen's meeting discussing details of the 8.9-mile overhead route through town.
BerlinReporter  NorthernPass  propertytax  Selectmen 
october 2015 by northernpass
No End To Utilities Lawsuits After N.H. Senate Votes - The Caledonian-Record
During Eversource's quarterly earnings conference call on Thursday, Eversource Executive Vice-President Jim Judge said while first quarter earnings were strong, property taxes are eating into the company's profits.

"Other factors that reduced earnings, as we had projected, were higher depreciation and property tax expenses, and increased amortization associated with storm costs," said Judge.
CaledonianRecord  tax  assessment  propertytax 
may 2015 by northernpass
Pipeline basics: the players, the project - New Hampshire Union Leader
Pipeline supporters say it will relieve demand for natural gas in New England, at a time when consumers are getting hit with increases in gas bills attributed, in part, to a lack of transmission lines.
UnionLeader  pipeline  naturalgas  expansion  KinderMorgan  NortheastEnergyDirectProject  TennesseeGasPipeline  electricity  generation  transmission  infrastructure  FERC  eminentdomain  propertytax  revenue 
january 2015 by northernpass
County Rails, Millsfield Responds on Agreement with Wind Farm Company - Colebrook News and Sentinel
According to the agreement, signed in 2009 by 11 property owners, GRP agreed to pay each an amount equal to the increase in their property tax bill “caused directly and solely” by the wind farm.
ColebrookNewsandSentinel  Millsfield  tax  windfarm  GraniteReliablePower  propertytax  propertyvalues 
november 2014 by northernpass
Conflict rises over Millsfield agreement with wind farm - New Hampshire Union Leader
Signed in 2009, the agreement between Granite Reliable Power (GRP), which is a subsidiary of Brookfield Renewable Power, and the 11 property owners called for “the strictest confidence” but it accidentally came to light Nov. 11 and was immediately criticized by some members of the Coos County Commission and the Coos County delegation.
UnionLeader  Millsfield  tax  PILOT  propertytax  propertyvalues  windfarm 
november 2014 by northernpass
Millsfield Property Owners Said They Signed Agreements Because County Failed to Protect Them - Berlin Daily Sun
Believing the county commissioners were not looking after the best interests of Millsfield residents in supporting the Granite Reliable Power wind farm, Millsfield residents Luc Cote and Wayne Urso said the property owners individually signed agreements with the Granite Reliable Power to protect themselves from huge property tax increases.
BerlinDailySun  GraniteReliablePower  LucCote  WayneUrso  propertytax  Millsfield  windfarm  project 
november 2014 by northernpass

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