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Means Assessment
Property must be capable of being sold, let or put to profitable use before a capital value assessment is applied.
Social  welfare  rule  that  property  must  be  capable  of  being  sold 
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San Francisco: Where a six-figure salary is 'low income' - BBC News
A family getting by on $117,400 (£87,970) in one US city can now be considered 'low income', according to government figures. How can that be the case?
Money  Economy  SanFrancisco  CostOfLiving  USA  BBCNews  Property  Housing  Renting  PropertyNews  Research  Investigations 
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The Bedford Estates, London
Garden Squares The area of Bloomsbury in London is famous for its garden squares which provide a sense of tranquility that belie its city centre location and…
private  estate  renting  property  management  bloomsbury  camden  london 
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Edinburgh Property - Glasgow Property - Estate Agents Edinburgh & Glasgow | Rettie & Co
Search Residential For Sale To Let Farms & Estates New Homes Land & Development Selling your home? Letting your property? Featured Properties 2 57a Queen…
property  renting  estate  agents  scotland 
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An Xiao Busingye Mina en Instagram: “David Wojnarowicz had a concept for the world we inherit, the “pre-invented world,” which he defines eloquently here. I interpret it as the…”
[image with text:

"Wojnarowicz identified with outsiders of all kinds—both those who resisted and escaped the "pre-invented world," and those ground don by it. He identified with the discarded, the trapped, and the rebellious. In this page from his 1988 journals, he expressed those feelings in an offhand notation:
The only hero I have or can think of is the monkey cosmonaut in the Russian capsule that got excited in space and broke loose from his restraints and began smashing the control board—the flight had to be aborted.

"The world of the stoplight, the no-smoking signs, the rental world, the split-rail fencing shielding hundreds of miles of barren wilderness from the human step… The brought-up world; the owned world. The world of coded sounds: the world of language, the world of lies. The packaged world; the world of speed metallic motion. The Other World where I've always felt like an alien." —David Wojnarowicz, Close to the Knives"]

"David Wojnarowicz had a concept for the world we inherit, the “pre-invented world,” which he defines eloquently here. I interpret it as the consensus narrative, the world that we might call the mainstream or the dominant. We are watching today the steady disintegration of the pre-invented world. The post-Cold War consensus is collapsing, and a new world is coming into being. On the one hand is a violent ethnonationalism and authoritarianism. On the other is a global, communal, inclusive outlook. It is not clear which one will win, but for those of us born on the margins, for those of us who’ve always struggled with the pre-invented world, these are the most dangerous times. But this comes with the recognition that the world before wasn’t made for us, either. The world before was also dangerous.
Wojnarowicz died of AIDS in 1992. He wouldn’t live to see the emergence of gay marriage and contemporary queer culture in the US, nor of a massive public health campaign to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS. For the queer community in the US, we have seen improvements. And if we are lucky, what comes next after these dark times might be better. For now, we live in a time of monsters."
anxiaomina  2018  davidwojnarowicz  pre-inventedworld  ethnonationalism  authoritarianism  change  mainstream  unschooling  deschooling  queerculture  othering  otherness  homogeneity  ownership  property  consensus  dominant  margins  marginalization  trapped  resistance  discarded  rebellion  1988  multispecies  monkeys  escape 
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Your flood resiliency profile |
how to check if your property is susceptible to flooding
flood  property  brooklyn  nyc 
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