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Welcome to Bell County, Texas
2.  How can I get a driveway pipe/culvert installed?
If you are moving into the county and find you need a driveway culvert, you may contact the County Engineer's Office at (254) 933-5275.  Tell them you want a driveway culvert installed.  They will ask you for the address or location, and ask you to mark the exact location at which you want the pipe.  We will send someone out to determine the correct size and this information will be forwarded to you.  You are responsible for obtaining the properly sized pipe of culvert.  Once you have the pipe on site, you will need to notify this office and we will schedule the installation.  The County will place gravel over the culvert and up to the property line.  We will not go beyond the property line with gravel.  If you want a paved driveway, you will have to arrange for that on your own using contractors in the area.
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Largest UK property investment platform.
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4 Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate
If you are thinking of investing in the near future, consider the many benefits of owning commercial real estate.
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SPV companies - Company Formation MadeSimple
You must use ALL 4 of the following SIC codes (please see: what is a SIC code?) relating to letting property:

68100 – Buying & sell own real estate 
68201 – Renting & operating of housing association real estate 
68209 – Other letting & operating of own or leased real estate 
68320 – Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis
( Condensed SIC List: Section L - Real estate activities)
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