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Don't Be Better. Be Different. Lessons in Branding from Mauborgne to Musashi. - Clicked Studios

What does every company in my industry do that I can’t stand?!
Instead of thinking about what you love, list out things you hate and stand against.  Doing this can show you where your passion truly lies and how you can be different from the status quo.
What does nobody want to do in my industry?  That might just be the key to finding your new path.
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9 days ago by jeromekatz
5 Ways to Test if Your Business Idea Has Merit Before Investing Buku Bucks - Clicked Studios
Niche forums, social media groups, micro google ad campaigns, micro social media ad campaigns, crowdfunding.
ESB6  ch4  CH10  promotion  feasibility  testing  design 
10 days ago by jeromekatz
Exponentiali for Pretotyping
Find the best ideas faster with pretotyping

Pretotyping takes the guess-work out of innovation. It’s a proven, data-driven method for testing ideas – before they cost you.
prototyping  prototype  promotion  startup  methodology 
12 days ago by oliverw
Research cafés: how libraries can build communities through research and engagement
The Researh Support Team at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) runs events called research cafés throughout the academic year. During these cafés, we bring together PhD students, early career researchers and more established academics over lunch to give them an opportunity to talk about their work to a lay audience of their peers and the public. From its inception in 2013 we have maintained the overall format of the research café, based as it is on promoting interdisciplinary dialogue in an...
outreach  promotion  advocacy  recherche 
19 days ago by marlened
How To Build An Audience Before Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign
Create a dedicated landing page for sign-ups, send newsletters at regular intervals, have a consistent social media presence.
esb6  ch14  CH10  promotion  crowdfund  crowdfunding  advice  how-to  howto 
24 days ago by jeromekatz
Are You Ready for the Nanoinfluencers? - The New York Times
anoinfluencers -- whom Obviously CEO Mae Karwowski defines as social users who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers -- are gaining favor among marketers because of their authentic, approachable personas and their willingness to work with brands for low fees or free products. "Everyone who's on Instagram has that friend who is just really popular and is racking up 'likes' and comments and has great content," Karwowski says in explaining the appeal of nanoinfluencers.
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27 days ago by jeromekatz

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