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How JavaScript Promises Work
The best way to deal with asynchronous JavaScript is ES6 Promises. Here's an overview of JavaScript Promises, error catching, and how to make your own.
javascript  promises 
2 days ago by okeefe77
promesa - promise library for clojure and clojurescript
On the JVM paltform promesa is built on top of completable futures (requires jdk8). On JS engines it is built on top of the bluebird promise library.
promises  js  cljs  fast 
3 days ago by sherbondy
Futures and Promises
<Programming Models for Distributed Computing>
"Futures and promises are a popular abstraction for asynchronous programming, especially in the context of distributed systems. We'll cover the motivation for and history of these abstractions, and see how they have evolved over time. We’ll do a deep dive into their differing semantics, and various models of execution."
async  article  languages  comparison  promises  links 
8 days ago by slowbyte
well known and used promise library for JavaScript. Brings Promised to nodejs.
JavaScript  Promises  Q  nodejs 
13 days ago by tamouse

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