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Producer Playbook - Google Docs
Part of being a producer and managing projects is writing things down, making sure people know what’s going on, and sharing what you’ve learned. After working at a few agencies I started to see the same things being needed or how some problems could be solved the same way.

What I’ve done is simply collect the guidelines, best practices, and things I’ve learned in one place so they can be referenced and shared wherever they may be needed.

However, by writing these things down it assumes what worked for me will work for you. So rather, take what you need and leave the rest. It’s a place to start, not a mandate.

If you’re new to being a producer or project manager, this can be a guide to help you develop your craft, navigate your agency, and work with your team. Or, if you’ve been doing this a while, it can help you build out your internal docs and and define the process around what you’ve been doing. And while there are many different specialties of production and project management: video, social, product, etc. this has been written in general with specifics introduced where they apply.
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10 hours ago by pfctdayelise
Colin D Ellis – Your Project Management Certificate Is Worthless
Continuous learning and development is great, essential even, but it does
not begin and end with a certificate – it is all about being a role model.
3 days ago by schiko
Colin D Ellis – The Four Personalities Of A Project Manager
As a leader getting the most out of your team means understanding the
different personalities and adapting your style to suit
3 days ago by schiko
Scheduling Weekly Events in Microsoft Project
shows how different options can affect the schedule, handy to see how things are impacted.
3 days ago by khays
Kim Goodwin on Twitter: "The ability to break down a complex project into manageable chunks is a hugely underrated professional skill. Strange that so few people hire & evaluate for it."
The ability to break down a complex project into manageable chunks is a hugely underrated professional skill. Strange that so few people hire & evaluate for it.
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4 days ago by dirtystylus

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