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Maria Paula Saba | design + code
Work in conjunction with the Department of Egyptian Art to explore the possibilities around color projection and projection mapping onto the Temple of Dendur. We illustrated and colored digitally one of the temple's scenes to project onto the temple in order to simulate the original colors it might have had. Then we developed a storytelling/educational tool for presenting the scene to an audience: a mobile interface to control what is to be displayed: highlight different figures, animations and zoom in the glyphs. We worked under guidance of Research Fellow Erin Peters and Don Undeen, the MET MediaLab director. The work has been used in Erin's presentations, where she uses it to describe her findings about which colors hypothetically the Temple could have been painted.
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Projection Mapping Central
PMC is a community resource for all things projection mapping a.k.a. video mapping. Whether you are an artist, designer, event organizer, or hobbyist – welcome!
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Inspiration - Projection Mapping Central
Projection Mapping Central is your community resource for all things related to projection mapping (video mapping). If you are an artist, programmer, advertiser or event organizer, welcome.
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AI brings “dreams” to life at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
WDCH Dreams is the most ambitious project I’ve ever embarked on from a technological, storytelling, and collaboration point of view. The data consists of two types of universes: one is image-based, the other is sound-based. Together, it makes up nearly 45 terabytes. Looking at it is like looking at the memory of this institution. How would we find meaning in this vast amount of information? It felt impossible. With machine learning, however, we were able to take every single data point — photos, events, sound recordings of music, theater, and opera — and organize them into clusters of recognizable features. Every musician, musical instrument, event, or object is now arranged by its similarities. Once a machine understands and classifies this information, you have a new latent space that you can now ask of it anything, like, an imagination.
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