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This museum combines the beautiful poetic and artistic and high technology in transforming the space into an interactive playground for the visitors.

The story about the rise of Kingdom Wu is told in 650 sqm of audiovisual projections where the visitors can interact with the entire floor. The mirrors on the walls that reflect the images give the feeling of an endless environment and magnify the immersive experience.
agency  projection  immersive 
12 days ago by stacker
OpenGL Projection Matrix
how to construct OpenGL projection matrix
graphics  math  opengl  matrix  projection 
25 days ago by wjlroe
Interesting HCI work on showing self driving car intentions. Japanese makers seem to working more towards expressive eyes as the signal system though.
HCI  self  driving  car  navigation  intention  signal  signaling  signage  projection  sign  direction  automotive  technology 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Zero gallery - Museo Guggenheim Bilbao
ZERO is a new introductory gallery and immersive optical device that will locate visitors as they begin their experience in the Museum’s lobby. ZERO welcomes all guests with a sensory experience that provides insight into the urban history of the Bilbao region, and offers a new approach to Frank O. Gehry’s building as well as to the Permanent Collection of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
guggenheim  immersive  projection 
5 weeks ago by stacker
MapMap - open source video mapping software |
MapMap is a free, open source software for projection mapping aimed at artists and small teams. Its intuitive interface facilitates learning and promotes artistic expression. This software is available on Windows, OSX, and Linux. MapMap gives users the ability to projection map on any surface of choice. Mapmap takes media sources and gives users the ability to manipulate the media into different positions and shapes. Media sources can come from any various accepted media formats. With an easy to understand interface, new users can get started in minutes.

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings. By using specialized software, a two or three dimensional object is spatially mapped on the virtual program which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. The software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image onto the surface of that object. This technique is used by artists and advertisers alike who can add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects. The video is commonly combined with, or triggered by, audio to create an audio-visual narrative.
video  projection  projectionmapping  osx  free 
5 weeks ago by jeanpoole
YouTube -- The School of Life: Why It's Useful to Think of Yourself As a Sinner
'We're generally taught nowadays to think very well of ourselves - and look with horror at religions' suggestions that we conceive of ourselves as 'sinners'. Yet, paradoxically, thinking of yourself as by nature a little sinful can lie at the origins of some very fine and noble traits of character.' -- [They] suffered from the most terrible of all delusions: they believed themselves to be virtuous. ~ Kenneth Clark, Civilisation (1969) Part 12: Fallacies of Hope
psychology  shadow  splitting  falseself  projection  humility 
6 weeks ago by adamcrowe

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