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The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard by Qwerkytoys, INC — Kickstarter
The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard
An 84 key, USB, Bluetooth Enabled Vintage-Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Higher than average tooling cost - Initial engineering pass revealed that the unique nature of the Qwerkywriter, especially its typewriter keycap design, will be costly. We will have to strike the right balance of quality and compromises in order for Qwerkywriter to be successful.
Sourcing  Components  -  As  a  niche  Kickstarter  project_  it  will  be  a  challenge  to  source  at  competitive  prices.  Managing  supply  chain  is  no  small  feat  even  for  big  established  business.  So  I  have  given  myself  plenty  of  lead  times  for  negotiating  prices  and  finding  the  right  vendors. 
july 2014 by trev16

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