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Web accessibility requirements for massive open … - ‎Sánchez Gordón - Cited by 22 (PDF)
Web Accessibility Requirements for Massive Open Online Courses

Can MOOCs be really universal and open to anyone?

Sandra Sanchez-Gordon / Sergio Lujan-Mora



## Abstract—

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities stresses that persons with disabilities should be able
to participate fully in all aspects of life, including education.
Nevertheless, statistics shows than a low percentage of persons
with disabilities complete higher education.

MOOCs, being online courses available to a very large
number of people, have a great potential to satisfy the learning
needs of millions of people. When designing a MOOC, it is
important to consider the diversity of abilities of all potential
learners. Genuine universality and openness can only be achieved
if all kind of users can access and use MOOCs to engage in
learning regardless their abilities.

This paper proposes two categories of web accessibility
requirements: for personal and for non-personal disabilities.
Each category is characterized and a preliminary list of web
accessibility requirements for each one is presented. Both
MOOC's platforms and contents must meet web accessibility
requirements. If contents are accessible but not the platform, or
vice versa, the MOOC is not accessible.

## Keywords—

Massive open online courses; web accessibility
requirements; universal design; personal disabilities, non-personal

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