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GitHub and Jira Software Integration | Hacker News
I can't take GitLab seriously until it stops touting itself as a project management tool with its flimsy label-based 'workflow' model.
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6 days ago by briangrimshaw
How and Why to Integrate Gitlab with JIRA | ProgrammableWeb
Where GitLab is geared towards developers, and JIRA is more project management driven, the goal with projects has always been for teams to work more closely. While managers tend to not meddle in GitLab, it can also be said that developers don't share the same passion for wanting to contribute in JIRA. By integrating GitLab into JIRA, this takes away a major pain point, because this lets developers articulate to the project team through an environment they're more comfortable with, through their git commit statements.
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6 days ago by briangrimshaw

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