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New Republic - Review of Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now
Kant, for example, thought he could discern a “hidden plan” for universal freedom and equality in the shape of events. To those who sought a guarded optimism, facts served as “signs” of this future, Kant concluded, and he cited the French Revolution as the most startling herald of universal freedom and equality. But he insisted that even an abundance of such signs could never, on their own, establish belief in progress. What facts provide is a catapult for a leap into rational faith. “Hopes for the future perfection of men,” the German philosopher Karl Löwith explained bluntly in a classic study of the philosophy of progress, are “not the result of scientific inference and evidence but a conjecture, the root of which [is] hope and faith.” It is a devastating verdict on Pinker’s enterprise.

Pinker attempts valiantly to sidestep the need for what Kant called “rational faith,” partly by narrowing his inquiry to the most minimal terms of advancement, terms he imagines no one could dispute. From the outset, Pinker insists that he can read progress off simple metrics such as how many people survive childhood and live relatively long. And who could deny that, whatever ultimate ends people care about, they would all like to survive and thrive? But if one claims to be making “the case for humanism,” as Pinker does, isn’t the way people live also important? A lot of people actually care about meaning and even transcendence—living well rather than just living. This is a secondary consideration for Pinker. “It’s easy to extol transcendent values,” he observes, in this spirit, “but most people prioritize life, health, safety, literacy, sustenance, and stimulation.”

Sensing the limitations of his first tactic, Pinker claims that what really matters for progress is that people get what they want. Beyond basic creaturely survival, Pinker concludes, progress consists in allowing more and more people to define and embrace their own good. “The ultimate goal of development,” he observes, paraphrasing Amartya Sen, “is to enable people to make choices.”
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javascript - HTML5 Video custom additional seek bar - Stack Overflow
vid.ontimeupdate = function(){
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Boomerang Effect | The Weekly Standard
This is an important qualifier, which some reviewers of Protestants Abroad, alas, have failed to note. (John Kaag, reviewing the book for the Wall Street Journal, describes it as a “comprehensive history of American Protestant missionaries abroad.”) But it is also a bit misleading. In fact, even as you take in Hollinger’s explanation for focusing on the “missionary-connected men and women” who went to “Amherst, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Oberlin, Princeton, Swarthmore, and Yale”—hence positioned to be influencers—rather than those who went to “Bob Jones, Calvin, Mercer, Westmont [from which I graduated, by the way], Wheaton,” etc., it may occur to you that by largely excluding evangelical missionaries and their children from his account, Hollinger is excluding evidence that would complicate his thesis. Protestants Abroad is not simply a study of the impact of mainline Protestant missions on American public life; it is the latest in a loosely linked series of books in which Hollinger has recounted and celebrated the rise of cosmopolitanism and the decline of “sectarian” convictions, especially Christian convictions
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Waiting for Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment | The Nation
“technocratic neoliberalism”; “what Pinker has actually crystallized in books like Enlightenment Now is our anti-intellectual era, one in which data and code are all too often held to trump serious critical reasoning and the wealth of the humanistic tradition and of morally driven activism is dismissed in favor of supposedly impartial scientific and technological expertise. These attitudes in no sense stem from the great movement of thought of 18th-century Europe. They are not “progress,” as the philosophes understood the term.”
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