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What are some of the most basic things every programmer should know?
Sometimes a train wreck has to happen for anyone to care about the brakes.
80% of programmers are barely capable of doing their job.
80% of programmers never invest in improving their skills and never learn outside of work.
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Why Go is my favorite programming language
Die private Website von Michael Stapelberg mit Informationen, Programmen und Artikeln über das Programmieren sowie PC-, Mac OS X und Linux-Erfahrungen.
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23 hours ago by shrike
Network Protocols – Programmer's Compendium
The network stack does several seemingly-impossible things. It does reliable transmission over our unreliable networks, usually without any detectable hiccups. It adapts smoothly to network congestion. It provides addressing to billions of active nodes. It routes packets around damaged network infrastructure, reassembling them in the correct order on the other side even if they arrived out of order. It accommodates esoteric analog hardware needs, like balancing the charge on the two ends of an Ethernet cable. This all works so well that users never hear of it, and even most programmers don't know how it works.
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