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My 20-Year Experience of Software Development Methodologies
Recently I read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari. The basic thesis of the book is that humans require ‘collective fictions’ so that we can collaborate in larger numbers than the 150 or so our brains are big enough to cope with by default. Collective fictions are things that don’t describe solid objects in the real world we can see and touch. Things like religions, nationalism, liberal democracy, or Popperian falsifiability in science. Things that don’t exist, but when we act like they do, we easily forget that they don’t.
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Why don’t software development methodologies work?
I’ve worked on big projects, small projects, in huge teams and by myself, in fossilized federal agencies and cool Silicon Valley companies. I have learned and used at least twenty programming languages. I’ve lived through waterfall/BDUF (big design up front), structured programming, top-down, bottom-up, modular design, components, agile, Scrum, extreme, TDD, OOP, rapid prototyping, RAD, and probably others I’ve forgotten about. I’m not convinced any of these things work.

[Edit: Let me explain what I mean by writing methodologies “don’t work.” I mean they don’t deliver a predictable or repeatable software development process in and of themselves. I don’t mean that using a methodology dooms the project. Most software development methodologies try to make programming a more engineering-like process, and in that regard they fall short.]

How can you tell if a methodology works?

Whether a methodology works or not depends on the criteria: team productivity, happiness, retention, conformity, predictability, accountability, communication, lines per day, man-months, code quality, artifacts produced, etc. Every methodology works if you measure the right thing. But in terms of the only measurement that really matters—satisfying requirements on time and within budget—I haven’t seen any methodology deliver consistent results.
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8 hours ago by rcyphers
Getting Into Software Development – James Wright – Medium
Since I’ve been asked this question previously, I thought I’d publish my response as an article for any aspiring developers out there. Rather than provide low-level details on the areas that we’ll…
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