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The Half-Life of Code — Sandi Metz

In my experience, most applications are a mess. Successful business rely on long-lived applications that endure a constant barrage of new requirements. Changes are commonly made under urgent time pressure, which drives applications towards disorder. As entropy increases, it becomes harder and harder to add features except by way of one more hack. The accumulated mess leads to hacks, hacks lead to more hacks, and then you're in a loop. Velocity gradually slows, and everyone comes to hate the application, their job, and their life.
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8 hours ago by jefframnani
Winning the War on Error Solving the Halting Problem and Curing Cancer - YouTube
Amazing talk by Matt Might. He applied his research on static analysis of computer programs to the human genome and got meaningful results in clinical lab trials of precision medicine.
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10 hours ago by jefframnani
Seven Laws of Sane Personal Computing
A go-it-alone approach to VPRI's "STEPS Towards the Reinvention of Programming"
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12 hours ago by respatialized
Eve: Programming designed for humans.
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12 hours ago by axodys

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