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A Chrome Developer Tool designed to help engineers debug React-GraphQL applications. Visualize the component hierarchy, state/props data and state changes of your React application. See your GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations in real-time.
lucid  chrome  devtools  react  graphgl  visualization  programming  javascript  component  web 
1 hour ago by vicchow - Is C++ fast?
Demonstrating and benchmarking between C-style and C++ on meshoptimizer
compilers  c++  programming  benchmarking  performance  2019  STL  optimization 
2 hours ago by mechazoidal
Hundred Rabbits — Map
"We have sailed 23'669km making tools, games, recipes, and videos."
programming  blog  gamedev  sailing  travel 
2 hours ago by mechazoidal
Locks Aren't Slow; Lock Contention Is
Locks (also known as mutexes) have a history of being misjudged. Back in 1986, in a Usenet discussion on multithreading, Matthew Dillon wrote, “Most people have the …
low-level  programming  algorithms 
2 hours ago by Kjaleshire
SurveyJS: Free Online Survey and Quiz Tools
SurveyJS is a complete, fully customizable and extendable survey and form builder solution.
surveyjs  survey  javascript  form  builder  programming  tool  web 
2 hours ago by vicchow

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