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‘The Conjuring 2’ Box Office Profits 2016: Year’s Top-Grossing Horror Movie | Deadline
Not sure what some of the rentals mean. or some of the costs. but interesting to see this estimate.
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7 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Principled Entrepreneurship « Napa Institute
The term, “Principled Entrepreneurship” is defined by Charles G. Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. as “maximizing the long term profitability of the business by creating superior value for our customers while consuming fewer resources and always acting lawfully and with integrity.” Koch claims that this basically comes down to everyone in the business helping themselves by helping others to improve their lives.  It requires a team of workers, each of whom knows the right thing to do and is motivated in doing it, without explicit directions or overly detailed rules.  “Good Profit” then doesn’t mean high margins or high return on capital or lots of profit by just any means.  Rather, Good Profit comes about by the contribution that is made to enhance society- not from corporate welfare or similar ways that take advantage of others.
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12 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Parallel Profits Review of Optimization Part 1 - YouTube
Parallel Profits Blueprint Book: Check out my full review video here: Parallel Profits is a new resource to help you build an online business. The focus is on providing services to local businesses through a partnership with the creators of Parallel Profits. Take a look at the blueprint here: Join our Facebook Group for more tips, resources, and tools:
Parallel  Profits  Review  of  Optimization  Part  1 
12 weeks ago by littlebizresources
Parallel Profits Blueprint and Review - YouTube
Parallel Profits Blueprint here: See the Parallel Profits Blueprint and Review here: In this video, I describe Parallel Profits, share my personal experience with opportunity and demand, and explain why you should consider Parallel Profits. I also cover our exclusive bonuses! Make sure you get the Parallel Profits BluePrint Book through our link to get hardcoded to us:
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12 weeks ago by littlebizresources
Profitable Confidence
7/ Having money in the bank gave us something more powerful than VC money or runway.

It gave us "profitable confidence."

That confidence, and the risks it has allowed us to take, has been the most powerful driver of our growth by far.
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january 2019 by fogfish

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