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'Brave' Maeve Hollinger was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 months old. -
November 25th, 2017
'Brave' Maeve Hollinger was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 months old.
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10 days ago by jmbond
Girl in the Window | Features | Tampa Bay Times
whatever makes a person human seemed somehow missing.

Armstrong called the girl’s condition “environmental autism.” Danielle had been deprived of interaction for so long, the doctor believed, that she had withdrawn into herself.
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11 days ago by jomc
29/11/2017, 17:57
‪@Zehra_Zaidi‬ Thanks. Sorry to hear about that. I have never got too close to them in the streets happily. Hope you're well.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 17:09
US media might want to note Britain First's threats of "militant direct action" against any elected British Muslim politicians ("occupiers") to understand just how extreme they are…
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 17:03
I am not saying they don't get any voice. Eg, quoted within a reported package. But Britain First should *not* waltz onto Breakfast TV sofas & eg the 810am slot on Today (That did happen with Anjem Choudary after his Woolwich murderer pals were convicted…)
Owldom (‪@owldom‬)
29/11/2017, 16:56
‪@sundersays‬ ‪@KeejayOV2‬ I beg to differ Sunder
Zehra Zaidi (‪@Zehra_Zaidi‬)
29/11/2017, 16:53
‪@sundersays‬ Good set of tweets. I’ve had this group publicly come at me on the streets in Taleban Hunting Squad hoodies. It is not pleasant.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:53
It would be v.interesting to read experts/practitioners in broadcasting on this topic of how to gauge how much airtime to give an extreme, defunct zero support party (with criminal/violent track record) who become the subject of a big UK-US controversy.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:50
Reporting has to explain who Britain First are. As a now *defunct* political party & a hate group which has collected more criminal convictions than it has stood in elections recently, there should be a limit to how big a share of voice they get in this.
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:46
The story is: US President tweets racist, violent and v.unpopular political party who won 56 votes (0.14%) last time they stood for any Parliamentary seat (Rochester, 2014) and who are now statutorily deregistered by Electoral Commission…
Sunder Katwala (‪@sundersays‬)
29/11/2017, 16:40
Response  to  Trump  tweets  will  reinforce  broad  anti-racism  norm  across  mainstream  British  politics.  But  Britain  First  get  profile  boost  to  reach  most  toxic  1-5%.  As  with  Anjem  Choudary_  hope  media  think  seriously  re  how  much  oxygen  hate  group  merits  in  context  of  reporting  story.  from iphone
12 days ago by diasyrmus
Lynn Margulis | West Hunter
Margulis went on to theorize that symbiotic relationships between organisms are the dominant driving force of evolution. There certainly are important examples of this: as far as I know, every complex organism that digests cellulose manages it thru a symbiosis with various prokaryotes. Many organisms with a restricted diet have symbiotic bacteria that provide essential nutrients – aphids, for example. Tall fescue, a popular turf grass on golf courses, carries an endosymbiotic fungus. And so on, and on on.

She went on to oppose neodarwinism, particularly rejecting inter-organismal competition (and population genetics itself). From Wiki: [ She also believed that proponents of the standard theory “wallow in their zoological, capitalistic, competitive, cost-benefit interpretation of Darwin – having mistaken him… Neo-Darwinism, which insists on [the slow accrual of mutations by gene-level natural selection], is in a complete funk.”[8] ‘


You might think that Lynn Margulis is an example of someone that could think outside the box because she’d never even been able to find it in the first place – but that’s more true of autistic types [like Dirac or Turing], which I doubt she was in any way. I’d say that some traditional prejudices [dislike of capitalism and individual competition], combined with the sort of general looniness that leaves one open to unconventional ideas, drove her in a direction that bore fruit, more or less by coincidence. A successful creative scientist does not have to be right about everything, or indeed about much of anything: they need to contribute at least one new, true, and interesting thing.
“A successful creative scientist does not have to be right about everything, or indeed about much of anything: they need to contribute at least one new, true, and interesting thing.” Yes – it’s like old bands. As long as they have just one song in heavy rotation on the classic rock stations, they can tour endlessly – it doesn’t matter that they have only one or even no original members performing. A scientific example of this phenomena is Kary Mullins. He’ll always have PCR, even if a glowing raccoon did greet him with the words, “Good evening, Doctor.”

Nobel Savage:
Dancing Naked in the Mind Field by Kary Mullis

jet fuel can't melt steel beams:
You have to understand a subject extremely well to make arguments why something couldn’t have happened. The easiest cases involve some purported explanation violating a conservation law of physics: that wasn’t the case here.

Do I think you’re a hotshot, deeply knowledgeable about structural engineering, properties of materials, using computer models, etc? A priori, pretty unlikely. What are the odds that you know as much simple mechanics as I do? a priori, still pretty unlikely. Most likely, you’re talking through your hat.

Next, the conspiracy itself is unlikely: quite a few people would be involved – unlikely that none of them would talk. It’s not that easy to find people that would go along with such a thing, believe it or not. The Communists were pretty good at conspiracy, but people defected, people talked: not just Whittaker Chambers, not just Igor Gouzenko.
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15 days ago by nhaliday

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