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Jon Gruden’s Raiders return: Ready to grind |
But he’s more engaged in talking about why, after so many flirtations with Mark Davis (and at least one other serious bid by an NFL team), he came back now. ESPN was a sweet gig, being home for his three boys’ high school years while still punching in at his Fired Football Coaches Association. Daily, he’d go to his custom setup in a Tampa office complex—film library and shower downstairs, gym and bed upstairs—and for years he loved it, spending days and nights surrounded by hundreds of miles of tape. Coaches from all over the league, college and even Pop Warner, would come to brainstorm. Quarterbacks shut out of their team facilities by the collective bargaining agreement would come to chalk-talk and throw.
yesterday by abemaingi
Trump accuser keeps telling her story, hoping someone will finally listen - The Washington Post
What's striking about this is how much Trump supporters who knew her and her family for years have turned against her. I'm sure the narrative will be about how this is all about her campaign for office.
donaldtrump  ohio  sexualassault  newyork  wapo  profile 
2 days ago by UltraNurd
Louise Linton Is Super-Duper Sorry
LouiseLinton  profile  StevenMnuchin  politics  trolling  Elle  2018 
3 days ago by inspiral
Nikolas Cruz: 'We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know.' - Sun Sentinel
Wow. Sounds like he was a weird kid who had just had some trauma and decided to process his feelings into hurting as many people as he could. Still kinda surprised he didn't kill himself after, he fits that profile?
florida  guncontrol  profile  via:json  teenagers  violence 
3 days ago by UltraNurd
Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Years—and Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All | WIRED
Mark Zuckerberg, according to people who know him, prefers to think about the future. He’s less interested in the news industry’s problems right now; he’s interested in the problems five or 20 years from now. The editors of major media companies, on the other hand, are worried about their next quarter—maybe even their next phone call. When they bring lunch back to their desks, they know not to buy green bananas.
3 days ago by abemaingi
Snowboard phenom Chloe Kim has a lot riding on the Winter Olympics
With $800 and an English-Korean dictionary, Jong purchased a 1970 Nova, bought a carton of Kent cigarettes and paid $150 for a one-week stay at a hotel. "I had $100 left in my pocket," he says. "I went to the patio of the hotel, smoked a Kent and said to myself, 'I start now.'"

He landed jobs as a dishwasher at a burger joint and a cashier at a liquor store, where he practiced English with customers. After a few years, he enrolled in college and eventually earned a degree in manufacturing engineering technology.

"BUT WHERE ARE you really from?"

It's late September at the U.S. Olympic media summit in Park City, Utah, and Kim is explaining what it's like to be an "American girlie girl" with an East Asian face. "People ask where I'm from, and I say 'Los Angeles,'" Kim says. "Then they ask again. 'Well, my parents are from Korea.'"

Kim's heritage has never been such a focus of discussion, but she's never been under such a microscope. To her, this journey is about becoming the world's best snowboarder. But because her first Olympics are in Korea, she's asked questions that, at 17, she hasn't asked herself.
4 days ago by abemaingi
LTTng: an open source tracing framework for Linux
LTTng is an open source tracing framework for Linux. Gain insight into your system's behavior today.
profiling  debugging  performance  linux  kernel  analysis  profile  tracing  optimization  sysadmin 
4 days ago by ngaloppo
Online Extra: How the Smuckers Stick Together - Bloomberg
"Q: So, whatever the particular denomination, there's a real feeling that religion is an important binding force?

"Exactly. It wasn't the same one though each generation. Each generation changed, but it was still the values that religion provides."

"our strategy is to own icon brands in North America, and there are some really neat brands that we currently own. Look at that cadre of brands -- Smucker's, Jif, Crisco, Hungry Jack, Pillsbury, Martha White -- I mean these are all great, well-known family brands. So we want to be known as a company that manages brands well."

"Richard: Some people believe that the constituent that they need to serve is the shareholder. And we believe that we actually have basically six constituents, five of which we serve very well, [and that will] take care of the shareholder. The first constituent is the consumer. We have to know what the consumer wants and take care of that need. We have to take care of our customers -- the retailers. The third constituent is our employees. The fourth constituent we believe is our suppliers: We have to have good, healthy suppliers. And the fifth constituent would be communities, where we have plants. Basically, if we take care of those five constituents, the sixth constituent, which is the shareholder, will automatically be taken care of.

Q: It's the backwards point of view from that of Wall Street."
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7 days ago by pierredv

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