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So You’re Hiring a Product Manager? - John Cutler - Medium
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We are hiring the PM:

To shield their team from requests and interruptions, while managing external stakeholders and keeping everyone in the loop
To ensure predictable and timely delivery of features and capabilities
To translate business requirements into technical requirements
To build a deep understanding of customer needs and pain-points
To manage their product and team as a CEO might manage a startup and team
To formulate, test, revise, and communicate a product strategy
To act as the “glue” for a team of talented designers, developers, and [other roles like data science, marketing, etc. ]
To hit measurable and specific goals tied to short, medium, and long-term business outcomes
To make the final call on design and technical decisions. To make sure the team makes the right technical and design tradeoffs
To troubleshoot and figure out why their team is not delivering more quickly
To collect requests from inside the company, put together a roadmap, and make it visible to the rest of the company
To field external customer requests, prioritize them according to value and level of effort, and then make sure they are delivered quickly without sacrificing quality
To own the prioritization of the roadmap and backlog
To delight our customers and make sure we are always improving the product experience
To call “bullshit” on team estimates, and basically hold them accountable
Define the “right things” so that the team can “build them right”
To manage projects from definition all the way through to release
To provide the necessary context to the team so that they can make reasonably good decisions, reasonably quickly
To maximize the ROI of the team’s efforts
To develop a deep understanding of business goals, and then figure out how to leverage design and technology to meet those goals
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Beautiful web app screenshots | Webframe
A showcase of beautiful and well designed web app screens for design inspiration. Including screens from behind signup/paywalls! 😱
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Online Publishers next – Network Exchange Transformation
OP next vernetzt operative Einheiten von Medienunternehmen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, die journalistische Digital-Produkte mit einem gewissen überregionalen Fokus herausgeben.
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