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DEVONagent — Smart research assistants for the Mac - DEVONtechnologies
Could be good
"Search the web
like never before.

DEVONagent Pro queries all major and minor search engines, weeds out all the junk, and presents the really good stuff nicely ranked the way you want."
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february 2019 by skinnymuch
Agenda - An elegant new take on Notes.
Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for both planning and documenting your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present and future. From business professionals and technical users, to students and artists, Agenda is for anyone wanting well organized and easily navigable notes that help drive your projects forward.
pricey_ish  productivity_apps  sleek_apps  evernote  notes  apple_ecosystem_focused  freemium  SaaS_esque  %i_legit_trying_this 
january 2019 by skinnymuch
Hero Panel - Dashboard for Super-Humans
Eh, only 10 day trial then immediately $5/mo. Prob not going to want or use it.
%product_hunt  SaaS  dashboards  productivity_apps  short_trial  trial  web_apps  price:$5 
october 2017 by skinnymuch

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